Unfollowing Hillary

Okay lots of stories out there about this today, so I’m doing a quick post to set things straight…

The claims:

  1. Barack Obama unfollowed Hillary on Twitter
  2. Michelle Obama unfollowed Hillary on Twitter
  3. Elizabeth Warren unfollowed Hillary on Twitter
  4. Michelle Obama scrubbed her account dating back to 2013

The reality…

Let’s first note that Barack, Michelle and Fauxcahontas all have two Twitter accounts.

Barack has @POTUS and @BarackObama.

Michelle has @FLOTUS and @MichelleObama.

Fauxcahontas has @elizabethforma and @SenWarren.

Of the four claims above, all we know for sure is that @FLOTUS did unfollow @HillaryClinton. How do we know that? Because back in 2013 Michelle put out a call for everyone to follow Hillary from her @FLOTUS account, and now she doesn’t follow her anymore.


It seems suspect that neither of Barack Obama’s accounts (@POTUS and @BarackObama) are following Hillary, and also that neither of Fauxcahontas’ accounts (@elizabethforma and @SenWarren) are following her. Given their deep ‘support’ for the embattled former SoS and current subject of an earth-shattering FBI investigation, you’d think they’d be doing all they can to help promote her and her brand.

But the fact remains, there’s no immediate evidence that Barack or Fauxcahontas ever actually followed Hillary, so we can’t say that they unfollowed her.

Also, Twitchy.com monitors Twitter constantly and a quick search of their site shows no notable tweets from the @MichelleObama account since 2012. What does this tell us? That Michelle likely didn’t “delete all of her tweets” as is being reported. Rather, she simply stopped using that account entirely.

Moving on, did Obama delete all of his tweets about Hillary? No, he didn’t.


Did Elizabeth Warren (aka Fauxcahontas)? No, she didn’t either as demonstrated in this search string.

What we do know is that @FLOTUS once followed @HillaryClinton, and today she doesn’t.

We also know that @POTUS doesn’t follow @HillaryClinton, which is incredibly odd considering the power of social media and his penchant for preaching from the Presidential bully pulpit.

Others who can search “deep web” and audit things like “way back” may have better investigative skills than I, so we’ll likely find out more later.

But contrary to @Cernovich’s citation that it’s “likely an accident,” it’s incredibly strange that heavy-hitters like Barack, Michelle and Fauxcahontas — who have invested so much credibility and capital in Hillary — wouldn’t be following her on Twitter. And we know that Michelle once did from her @FLOTUS account. And that they’ve all tweeted to/at/with her recently. And that in light of the emerging emails, it’s revealed suddenly that none of them are following her.

As I speculated earlier, it’s possible that they know something we don’t. If Hillary personally trashed Barack and Michelle in soon-to-be-released emails, it’d make sense that they’d do everything they can to cut ties and distance themselves. And while “unfollowing” on Twitter may seem like a petty step, remember: These are Obama-era Democrats we’re talking about. They eat, sleep and breathe “petty.”

We’ll learn more soon enough, I’m sure…

If you’re on Twitter, here’s a good search string to see all the people talking about this.

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