Gold Star CNN Smackdown

This post is about Karen Vaughn curbstomping CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello. But first…

For years I’ve enjoyed watching CNN and MSNBC because their rabid, flagrant bias really helps sharpen my ability to understand and engage with the left.

I’ve typically seen MSNBC as the far left and CNN as the more moderate left — but both ultimately celebrating Democrats while, however subtly, mocking and demeaning Republicans (often in to submission).

Lately however it seems CNN is competing with MSNBC to take the mantle of the most flagrantly biased to the left.

I hadn’t written here for some time but was compelled to recently when I saw Brian Stelter — who you’ve never heard of before and never will again — skirt his responsibilities as CNN’s alleged arbiter of fairness and accuracy in the media. Since my piece, which you can read by clicking here, Brian has spent virtually every ounce of public energy he has completely trashing Trump and his campaign. And again, Brian is the individual CNN promotes as their media bias watchdog. As such, his bias is really remarkable. You can’t even call it tone-deaf. This will mark my third use of it in this writing and, if memory serves, the third ever in the history of this blog…but the best word I can think of for the bias asserted by CNN as of late is “flagrant.”

But let’s set aside Brian who, as noted, you’ve never heard of before and likely never will again.

Let’s set aside Angela Rye who is enjoying the left’s trademark feigned virality over her facial expressions. (Bested intellectually, Rye rolled her eyes and so her fans — also bested intellectually — declared it a huge win for Rye. Since then she’s worked very hard every time she’s on camera and not talking to steal the show with her glances. A solid 6 to look at with the acting chops of a freebasing porn star, Angela Rye is only hitting the mark if you’re among her literally tens of adoring fans.)

Let’s set aside Don Lemon who is still working desperately to restore his credibility among the black communities that he and the left love to keep metaphorically segregated on the Democrats’ figurative grievance plantation.

Let’s set aside Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer whose shared anti-Trump, pro-Hillary bias manifests amid what repeatedly appears to be crying fits held back only by their stiff quivering upper lips.

Lets set aside that if you’ve watched CNN over the last few weeks, fully 95% of the coverage has been designed to aggressively — not subtly, but aggressively — hurt Donald Trump and help Hillary Clinton. (16 other GOP candidates concluded they should’ve hit Trump much harder, much sooner…and I think the institutional left agrees with them and are trying to do that now.)

Set it all aside. Or don’t. But it’s not why I’m writing…

I’m writing because today I saw untimely fill-in host Ana Cabrera on the receiving end of CNN getting its entire collective ass handed to itself by a Gold Star mom named Karen Vaughn. (You can find Karen on Twitter by clicking here, and I’d encourage you to follow and thank her!)

Karen brilliantly pointed out the media’s bias as they’ve spent so much time clutching pearls, wagging fingers and enduring fainting spells over Trump’s tepid and unremarkable exchange with the Khans — while totally dismissing and forgiving the actions of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom have wronged Gold Star families in far more nefarious and disrespectful ways.

It struck me because earlier in the week, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello respectively had Gold Star Benghazi parents Patricia Smith and Charles Woods on. Rather than hold Hillary accountable for having effectively called these grieving families liars — Brooke and Carol spent the entire time badgering them about whether or not…wait for it…Donald Trump owes the Khan family an apology!

For those who don’t know their story…

Foremost: There is no more disgusting act in post-segregation US politics than Hillary Clinton standing before the Benghazi caskets and families, blaming a YouTube video. But we all saw it because she did it very publicly. Disheartened by this as it was a misappropriation of blame intended to support a political cover-up, Patricia Smith and Charles Woods have publicly chided Hillary Clinton for telling them “We’re going to get the person who made that video.” This is exactly what Hillary said in to the microphone, and days later…they did in fact arrest the maker of that video. But rather than own her words and actions, Hillary Clinton insists that Mrs. Smith and Mr. Woods are “not remembering things clearly” — and that she would have never said such things. In other words, they’re lying. Maybe unintentionally, but lying all the same.

They’re not lying.

Hillary is.

And instead of focusing on that, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello had the nerve to badger Patricia Smith and Charles Woods — grieving Gold Star parents, themselves — on whether or not Donald Trump owes Khizr Khan an apology?!

It was infuriating to watch these smug, elitist, totally intellectually inbred and morally sterile CNN “journalists” so clearly behave so inappropriately just to drive their so nefariously biased narrative; just to steer the US Presidential election away from the person who will crush their precious DC+MSM establishment: Donald J. Trump.

(You can watch this occasion of Brooke Baldwin being a total asshole here, and you can watch this occasion of Carol Costello being a total asshole here. Editor’s note: These are by no means the only instances of Brooke Baldwin and/or Carol Costello being assholes. In fact it happens daily and we do not recommend subjecting yourself to it.)

Here is what you do want to watch…

Here is Karen Vaughn taking poor Ana Cabrera to school about the rabid bias so prevalent among the grifting DC+MSM establishment that — rightfully — fears a Trump Presidency because he’ll put them all virtually out of business.


I don’t know who poor Ana was filling in for but wow she picked the wrong day. Karen Vaughn beautifully said what so many of us are feeling, but hadn’t been able to articulate. She put the media, specifically CNN, in a position where they must defend the indefensible. And she did it because she has truth on her side. Please share her clarity and wisdom far and wide. The 2016 election is not about Republicans vs Democrats anymore. It’s now about Donald Trump and the people versus Hillary Clinton and the DC+MSM establishment. And the DC+MSM establishment will do everything they can for the next 95 days to destroy Trump. Is he flawed? You betcha! But if we win this battle and give him the mandate to effect real change, then the DC+MSM establishment that has manipulated, used and divided We The People for decades will be crushed. They said he couldn’t do it in the GOP primary, and with our help he did it anyway. Now they’re saying he can’t do it in the general election, and the media are doing what 16 other GOP candidates said they should’ve.

It’s up to us to fight back, and Karen Vaughn has shared with us a very powerful page from her book that will enable us to do so further with both truth and honor firmly on our side.



  1. WOW what a truthful article!!!!! I can not believe how sub standard the journalists are on CNN & MSNBC. I thought i was missing something…. the media CNN/ MSNBC need to be taken off the air for false bashing TRUMP on none issues all the whie giving Hillary a pass on major wrong doings. Thank YOU.

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