Lyin’ Brian Stelter

It’s absolutely appalling that CNN’s supposed universal arbiter of media fairness and responsibility – is today basking in the glow of bias, hype and exceedingly irresponsible division and destruction.

Yesterday the Trump Campaign’s Jason Miller was a guest on CNN’s Reliable Sources, a show hosted by Brian Stelter to explore media integrity and hold accountable those who lack it. Now I’ll grant you that Jason Miller is – like most of the GOP insiders – an almost entirely feckless idiot. He is. But just because he’s awful at his job, doesn’t mean Stelter is right today as he celebrates division-inspiring dishonesty…

The conversation centered on Khizr Khan and Miller kept going back to “the broader issue” of radical Islamic terror. Stelter (or someone in his ear) began to press, and I’m paraphrasing: “How come when I say Khizr Khan’s name, you automatically think ‘terror’?” Miller’s response, exemplifying his ineptitude, was to repeatedly say “It’s the broader issue. It’s the broader issue. Broader issue. Broader. Issue.” (We’ve all seen those painful exchanges where one person just sticks annoyingly to the same phrase. This was one of those, on Miller’s part.)

But today all of Stelter’s buddies — or, more aptly, all of those who are desperate to appropriate shades of victimization wherever and whenever they can, and who hate Trump — are out in full force celebrating Stelter. “He’s a hero!” is the general theme.

But here’s the simple reality and conclusion: Miller, however aggressively unable to defend it, was right. The “broader issue” here and the more important issue is radical Islamic terror, and the reason we bring it up in the same conversation as Khizr Khan — is because Khizr Khan became a public figure for repudiating Mr. Trump’s ideas on mitigating radical Islamic terror. In other words, were it not for radical Islamic terror, then Khizr Khan would not have spoken at the DNC and would not be in the news today.

And what does Stelter and his merry band of division-happy SJWs do? The same thing they always do: They ignore the reality and, in trying to help, only unnecessarily deepen wounds and divide us further. They corrupt liberty of those like the Khans whom they desperately hope to convince that because they’re Muslim (or black, or Hispanic, or gay, or a woman) — that they’re perpetually aggrieved and must always view themselves based on their identity, rather than as individuals empowered by individual liberty.

Brian Stelter, using the platform that CNN has given him to highlight bias and irresponsibility in the media, is today using that platform to manifestly exemplify both.

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