Dear #BlackLivesMatter…

Do you know WHY “the way you look” has an effect?

It’s because for generations, the Democrats have worked hard to make sure black people in America fail.

They’ve worked hard to destroy the value of family — both celebrating and rewarding broken homes.

And they’ve succeeded.

They’ve created rampant disparity between blacks and literally everyone else in the USA…combined.

So yes, now police and the rest of society are aware: Blacks in the USA more often than anyone else (combined) have failed, and are thus more inclined to crime…be it due to desperation, or even a perception that they literally have “nothing to lose.”

The Democrats have done this to black people. It’s not racism. It’s math and science. The Democrats conditioned blacks to fail, made sure that failure actually happened, made sure the rest of the nation was aware of that failure…and then, worst of all, the Democrats turned around and told black people in America that “RACISM!” is to blame — thereby ignoring and in fact exacerbating the real problem…which is broken homes. Yes, broken homes. Cue many of you rolling your eyes. Why? Because Democrats have taught you to. Democrats don’t want you to know what the real problem is, so they’ve taught you to mock people who point it out. Broken homes are the problem, no matter how “well-intended” a single mom might be; no matter how much you might feel bad for her. Single moms, like it or not, disproportionately struggle to raise and provide for kids. And that struggle, more often than not, nets disparity for those kids. That’s not evil to point out. What’s “evil” is trying to repress that reality and worse, to pretend being a single mom is some great act of martyrdom for which the rest of us should be so lucky to achieve. People need to start families responsibly and then stick with those families and that’s what this blog — Love Breeds Accountability — is all about.

How many Asian single moms do you see? How many Hispanic single moms? How many white single moms? Relative to their percentage of the population, blacks have exponentially more instances of single moms and that reality happened long before so many black men (most of whom were raised by single moms, by the way) ended up in prison. It’s a serious metric and one that corresponds with precision accuracy to other disparities…like failure in school, lack of employment, lower income and ultimately more instances of crime.

So yes, while there are obviously plenty of black people who have personally done well — far too many Americans who happen to be black are disproportionately failing or have, most horrifically, already irreparably failed. And for that reason they are suspect to police and the rest of America. And if the reason is “RACISM!” at all, then that racism stems from historically-consistent Democrats who are as much the party of slavery and segregation today as they were in 1863 or 1964…only today they call it “social justice” and say that it’s a good thing.

So #BlackLivesMatter and the rest of “proud black” self-segregationists who believe you’re so aggrieved by a racist nation: You’re being lied to and you’re making the problem worse by misidentifying that problem. The problem isn’t America’s racism. It’s the bigoted sympathy of Democrats who insist we focus like a laser on race 24×7…because they want us divided…because they want people to fail…because failure nets dependence and dependence nets Democrat voters. Because Democrats are awful, evil people? No. They truly believe that once they have more power and can create a bigger government ruling over smaller individuals, that they’ll be able to do more good; more equitably redistribute resources. And they’re willing to incite and incur as much destruction as it takes — as many Alton Sterlings, and as many Philando Castiles as it takes — to meet that ultimate goal. I think they’re dead wrong. I prefer liberty and individual freedom. We’ll see who turns out to be right. As of this posting, the black people in America have played right in to Democrats’ hands…and, from what I can see, it’s not working out too fucking well.

One comment

  1. I was bused all my young school years. To make it “even” for education. The only people that have held black society back, is the black society. They have been given advantages over and over again. Those that have taken advantage of them have done quite well. Stop giving them an excuse to blame everyone but themselves.


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