The Hypocrisy Of Pope Francis

Today Pope Francis implied that it’s wrong for a nation to have borders and enforce immigration laws.

In doing so, he also implied that God would be perfectly happy if — rather than using the free will He gave you so that you could make your own decisions and do your own good works — the government simply forced us all to do good works and be charitable.

There is no place for forced morality or charity in politics or government, and I make that case effectively in an earlier post called “Stop Imposing Morality.”. (Mind you, I’m a Christian and a conservative/conservatarian.)

Today Pope Francis attacked and insultedĀ not only Donald Trump, but also every other person in the world who thinks a nation has a right and/or an obligation to pursue sovereignty. And he’s being roundly and rightly criticized for it.

I’m not impressed with the Pope. I valued the message of inclusiveness that he preached early in his tenure, but other than that — he’s failed to compel me in any positive way.

See “Open Letter To Pope Francis” and “(Another) Open Letter To Pope Francis.”

So I’ve already written about the woes of imposing morality through government, and I’ve shared my previous letters to the Pope. I’ve already been there, done that on a lot of this stuff. What compelled me to write tonight is this…

While in Mexico, an over-zealous individual pulled aggressively on Pope Francis’ robe. The force of the pull was so great that the Pope actually fell over on top of a man in a wheelchair. The Pope was very bothered by this, and in a very rare instance — we actually saw Pope Francis get mad at someone and scold them with direct, immediate anger.

Here’s where the irony is so rich…

A Mexican person leveraging inappropriate levels of enthusiasm and entitlement broke the rules and in doing so ended up putting others in danger and creating anger and hostility. Moreover, the Mexican aggressor in this scenario also hurt himself because he didn’t get what he wanted. He didn’t wake up wanting to upset and hurt anyone. He had the best intentions in the world. He loves the Pope. He only wanted to express that. But those good intentions, which he acted on outside of the prescribed protocol, ended up doing more damage than good.

That man exemplified who and what illegal immigrants are to the United States. Well-intended or not, his over-zealous sense of entitlement ultimately only ended up hurting him and others as well. The Pope was We The People who are tired of being tugged on and pulled down by people who “just want to love us,” and the person in the wheelchair is the working-class Americans who end up getting trampled by the enthusiasm and entitlement of those who come here illegally.

I’m not sure why no one else is picking up on this parallel…but there ya go.

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