Open Letter To Mr. Trump From A Supporter: It’s Time We Talk

Hello, Mr. Trump –and congratulations on all of your success. You’ve done tremendously well in business, you have a wonderful family, and now you’re doing something truly historic in the grueling world of political competition.

I have been a big supporter of yours since your initial campaign launch. Before that, admittedly, I didn’t give you much thought. I haven’t read your books, I didn’t follow your career, and I’ve never seen a single episode of “The Apprentice.”

I know, Mr Trump…I know: I’m a total loser.

: )

The truth is that while I’m not rich or even close to it, I’m still proud of and grateful for my successes both personally and professionally, and like you — I credit a great deal of that to my parents and the examples of hard work, integrity and love they gave me. I think you know that to be the case for many Americans, namely those who are supporting you so enthusiastically…

Not everyone who believes in American Exceptionalism supports a Trump Presidency, but everyone who supports a Trump Presidency believes in American Exceptionalism.

The same can’t be said for Hillary or Bernie supporters. It’s one of the great defining differences between the left and the right in the United States: The right loves America, while the left too often loves only what America might someday become.

The people you’ve been the most successful connecting with are the ones who know that American Exceptionalism is real, that it’s the result of founding principles like freedom and individual liberty — and that it can and does manifest like wildfire when not impeded by a poorly-led government that stopped working for the people and started working off the people.

We are here. We are the silent majority. We are not racist, sexist or greedy. We’re not “science deniers” as smug liberals like Neil deGrasse Tyson insist we are. We recognize that climate change is real, but we also know that it always as been and always will be. The climate changes with infinite ubiquity, and the real science deniers are the ones claiming they can change that! We respect the complexity of the question, “To what degree does or doesn’t human activity impact today’s changing climate?” — and we know that the science on that question is nowhere near settled. We’re simply not prepared to hand over the entirety of our energy industry to the UN based on guesses from people who appear to be more motivated by politics than by concern for the planet. I digress…

We’re here, Mr. Trump, and you’ve gotten to know us. And as I’ve long surmised, I believe you’re in this for the right reasons and that chief among those reasons is this: You know that good, honest, hard-working US citizens like those who support you — haven’t had someone actually fighting for them or their interests in a very, very long time. And we very much appreciate that you’re doing so now.

However, Mr. Trump, I think even you would acknowledge that whether you wanted it to or not — being a billionaire has created some space between you and the majority of America. Moreover, and please don’t shoot the messenger — you’ve got a bit of an ego. Oh. You knew that already haha? Well okay. Good. Yes yes, I know, a lot of it is shtick and it’s served you very well…from one-on-one in business to one-on-ten thousand when dealing with the media. And I would guess that deep down, you’re actually a very humble person when it comes to more personal encounters; Encounters like those, perhaps, that effect only you personally instead of the lives of all of your employees and/or every US citizen. Still, your enormous ego has served you well and I’m a bit concerned that as you continue taking it out for test drives in uncharted waters, you might overestimate it.

We’ve stood by you, Mr. Trump, even when you’ve said things we haven’t agreed with. Granted, the vast majority of the time we’ve stood by you because we know the intent of your words — and we know that the DC and media establishments are notorious for taking a few words and twisting them to create unfair, lasting narratives. But other times, supporters have stood by you even when they may have disagreed more explicitly on certain issues. Speaking only for myself, the one time I disagreed with your words was when you attacked George W. Bush. Still, in the very same breath, I commended you for being honest. When you said you wanted to “ban all Muslims” I got a knot in my stomach initially, but then — and yes, this is my interpretation — I discerned that as a negotiator, you needed 5 or 6 and so you asked for 10. In other words, no one was being honest about the real problem that Muslims have in their religion, and in order to start generating that honesty…you turned up the volume. No one was talking about really protecting the US from the being further infiltrated by these radical Islamic terrorists, and so you forced that conversation by sparking a much louder one.

You never said “All Mexicans are rapists,” as is still being implied by many in the media and those who oppose you politically — and frankly, I commend you and your team for not playing the “Definition of ‘is'” game by suggesting that you said “their rapists” instead of “they’re rapists.” (Of course had you thought of that, who knows…maybe you would have. But I’m glad you didn’t!)

Much of what you’ve been attacked for has been based on lies, but your supporters have still at times had to swallow hard before getting back out there and offering full-throated support again. Sometimes because we do disagree legitimately, and other times because your penchant for winning has you a few steps ahead of our more conventional senses — and it takes us a minute to catch up. But we stick around either way because on the big things that really matter, we agree with you 100%.

But Mr. Trump, I promise you, sir: If you are elected and then start walking back your positions, first and foremost upholding and enforcing our duly enacted immigration laws that clearly demand deportation for those who come here illegally — you will lose our support. Now you may pick up the support of those dishonest brokers in the media and DC establishments who hate and fear you now, and maybe you’d be happy in their company. But I don’t think so. I truly believe, as noted earlier in this piece and earlier in this blog, that you’re “here for the right reasons” and that chief among those reasons is fighting for those of us who — like you — have been attacked dishonestly and beat up on by DC and the media, but — unlike you — had no platform or recourse to fight back. You’ve taken on that fight now, and we thank you for it…but again, you’re not Teflon, Mr. Trump. And speaking entirely candidly before we actually get married: The DC and media establishments have gotten away with pushing us around for decades, and if you get elected and decide to do the same…we’ll have no more recourse to combat you than we did to combat them. At worst, you might not be elected to a second term, but again — if the powers-that-be embrace you in light of actions that make us abandon you, then you’d probably get that second term, too. There simply isn’t another “you” anywhere near the radar right now who could combat you from either side if you’re elected and decide to call us all “morons” for thinking that you’d actually do what you said you’d do — foremost with immigration.

I note all of this because it’s my single greatest fear about supporting you all the way to the Presidency: That once you get there, you’ll turn around and start calling all who helped you “idiots” for actually thinking it’s possible to do the more important things you said you’d do. We, your supporters, do have a limit Mr. Trump — and that’s it. And if you take that tact you’ll end up with a Presidency suited more for the Guinness Book Of World Records than for the history books. You’ll be a political pinball and punching bag — and while you can retain the title and maybe even weasel out a second term not unlike President Obama did, you’ll have walked away from what truly could have been a historic evolution and revolution that reignited the lights of our shining city on a hill. You’ll be viewed by historians both near and far as a political novelty.

We don’t have much recourse to stop you and we can’t force others to use their platforms to effect real change the way you’ve promised to. But if you sell us out Mr. Trump, if you get there and decide it’s too hard and to save face you have to walk back your promise to enforce our laws and deal in the interests of the American people as opposed to the world’s expectations for us to be a doormat…then you’ll be stopping yourself. I promise you that.

And I have to also be clear about something else that I think most agree with, but haven’t yet articulated: I want people who are here illegally to be deported because it’s the right thing to do for individual US citizens, for our nation as a whole, for naturalized US citizens and those immigrants who are here legally…but also because it’s the right thing to do for those who are here illegally now. Yes, I know that might sound to some like Judge Smails from Caddyshack — but it’s true. What Democrats describe as “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that more often than not dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own. And too often that dismissal and bigotry results in crushing someone’s otherwise-healthy sense of liberty. There is a right way to immigrate to our nation, and if we want to streamline it then we will do so through the proper channels. But lowering the bar for those who were seduced here illegally by Democrats and establishment Republicans is not helpful to them or anyone else. They have already been hurt by a false sense that entitlement and lawlessness are perfectly normal in the US. That warping of peoples’ spirits is not okay and those who suggest it is do more to hurt aspiring US citizens than to help them.

So that’s it, Mr. Trump. I said what I wanted to say. I’m pleading with you not to misjudge our support, or flip on these areas that matter most to us. You’re campaigning on a message of strength that is resonating the world over: The US is no longer a doormat that is too weak or ashamed to defend itself. We are proud of our nation, we’ve done many great things for our nation and the rest of the world, and we will continue being and doing great with the right people managing our government and dealings the right way.

Continue being yourself. Continue attacking George W. Bush if you truly believe he was a terrible President, despite the very different times he presided over. Continue saying things that many might view as over-the-top initially, but that ultimately help your campaign in the short term and are eventually embraced with intellectual honesty (and perhaps some additional nuance) by others over time. We will continue supporting you all the way to the White House — to the most important and powerful position on the planet. You will have done something truly historic and have the opportunity to truly make America great again. I beg of you, whatever armor you might put on every day to fight those who oppose our nation’s best interests…maintain the appreciation and respect you have today for the honest, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding people all across our nation whom you’re fighting for right now. And of course, in closing…thank you very sincerely for doing so.


Special note to any racists who think Mr. Trump wants your support: I assure you that he doesn’t, and that you sicken him. As for me, I actually feel bad for you — just as I feel bad for the identity supremacists in the Democrat party who are also caught up in all the wrong beliefs. So if you’re a racist supporting Mr. Trump, I encourage you to read and consider this.

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