Dubya, The Donald, Jeb(!) & The Rest

I’m a big fan of George W. Bush. That’s me. I think he was a solid President during a tough time, and he faced more a) amplified and b) intellectually dishonest opposition than any President before or since.

Iraq? I actually look to The Iraq Liberation Act signed in to law by Clinton when I think about that war, and I believe it could have been the first of many great strides forward in the middle east had Obama not — it appears purposefully — sabotaged the entire thing by proudly abandoning US efforts to sustain the gains we made there.

The great recession? I look at Bush’s efforts to reign in Fannie & Freddie that were chided as “RACIST!” by Gregory Meeks, Maxine Waters, Barney Frank and other Democrats — and again see President Bush standing in as a “Fall guy” for the failures of those who aggressively opposed him. Heck, even Bill Clinton — who himself was plenty culpable as well — blamed Democrats for the recession citing their unwillingness to tighten up the lending standards that ultimately enabled the housing market crash. Of course, that was before Clinton knew just how far in-the-tank the media was willing to go on their quest to anoint Obama and absolve Democrats any and all blame they may have been due.

Moreover, like Boehner and other casualties of an empowered right-leaning electorate, I think Bush presided during a time that lacked the boots-on-the-ground reinforcements we are sending our 2016 candidates in to battle with. In other words, the silent majority was still very silent when Bush was elected and during his Presidency. It wasn’t until we saw the media insist that Bush and Republicans be crucified with the same ferocity that they insisted Barack Obama and Democrats be celebrated — that the silent majority became actionably active. And now that we are actionably active, it’s a lot easier for those we elect to actually carry out our expectations — whilst knowing that we are there to support them, and that we will do so.

So the times are absolutely changing, and elected officials now have a lot more ammunition with which to govern and legislate consistent with our conservative values. Why? Because of you. Because of me. Because we’ve arrived.

“Yeah but I’ve always been loud and proud from the right!”, many of you are no doubt saying. That’s fine. But don’t sit here and tell me that a newly-empowered movement for Liberty didn’t start brewing in 2007-2008 that hadn’t been part of our political landscape since — effectively — our founding. It did, and you know it.

I even credit my own political activism with having been awoken from my slumber to the sounds of Bush being eviscerated by virtually all of the media, Hollywood, academia and much of the electorate. Like many in our recreationally-engaged electorate, I was asleep at the wheel. But the anti-Bush ferocity became so loud and so shrieking, that it woke me up and I needed to see what was going on. And upon closer inspection, I didn’t like the intellectual dishonesty that I saw. A few months later I had begun writing a bit on Facebook, and shortly after that I became inspired to do my first video…

I’ve since done only 3-4 others because making those videos is clearly not among my foremost strengths, but I remember that day vividly: I had “Fall Guy” downloaded on to a CD and while pulling in to my driveway I realized that’d be a great song to dedicate to President Bush. So I went inside, did a Google search for “pictures with music” and about 14 hours later had created a storyline to the words from “Fall Guy” using pictures of George. W. Bush. It’s actually got over 130K views haha. Wow. When did that happen!?

So again, as noted, I’m a fan of Bush. I dig him. I regret not being there to support him more when he was President, but even if I had been — as evidenced by Boehner, and Cantor, and even Rubio today — these guys just don’t know how strong our support is, and are often still afraid to actually govern or legislate in a way that’s consistent with our support.

Now here’s the critical part that made me want to sit down to write…

Donald Trump doesn’t like Bush. He’s drawn his line in the sand, and he thinks Bush was a bad President. But I bet if we look hard enough, we can find instances of every other 2016 GOP Presidential candidate asserting the same aversion to Dubya at some point in that candidate’s political career. Heck, even Jeb(!) distanced himself from his brother both explicitly and implicitly…until he became desperate and decided to start embracing him with the hopes that it might help his sinking campaign.

I don’t love hearing Trump attack Bush. I do think Trump’s insinuation that 9-11 could’ve been prevented is both wrong and weak. But that’s where Trump wants to drive his stake in the ground on this conversation, and frankly, I commend him for doing so without fear of repercussion from what the electorate might think. This is yet another example of Mr. Trump telling us the truth as he views it, instead of telling us what he thinks we want to hear. Meanwhile, all the other candidates are pretending they’ve always supported Bush because their pollsters say it’s what people want to hear. Or maybe just to try to pile on Trump. But they haven’t always supported or embraced George W. Bush, and again, I’m sure we can find instances of each distancing themselves from President Bush over the last several election cycles. But just like clockwork, as time passes and many in the electorate remember President George W. Bush more fondly, they are now embracing him because they think it’s good for their numbers; Going whichever way the political winds tell them to go. And you need only look at Jeb’s entire campaign up until a few weeks ago for evidence of that reality.

Trump is true only to Trump, and while that may sound like a negative…an overwhelming majority of his views are shared by a newly-empowered electorate, and for that he has and increasingly gains more of our support spanning all blocs. There’s no better evidence that someone is communicating with you genuinely on the areas you do agree, than when they continue doing so unapologetically even on the few areas you don’t agree.

My George W. Bush “Fall Guy” video, the first of only a handful I made…

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