Ted Cruz’s Supposedly “EPIC!” Ad

There’s nothing the anti-Trump crowd likes more than a reason to get excited about someone else. Dozens of times we’ve seen them respond disproportionately, effectively taking something that’s entirely tepid and calling it “EPIC!”

Before today, the most memorable instance of this was when Rich Lowry — whose very existence exemplifies lukewarm — went after Donald Trump in a series of tweets. Or maybe it was on Fox News. I can’t remember. (That’s how “memorable” this “most memorable” instance truly was wasn’t.) Lowry did his best impersonation of a young girl slapfighting her own shadow, and for it was praised-to-the-point-of-trending on Twitter by his “Anyone-But-Trump” peers for having clearly damaged Mr. Trump irreparably. It goes without saying, they were wrong. Very wrong. Mr. Trump emerged later that same night *gasp!* entirely unfazed.

Today, the anti-Trump “Smart Set” as Breitbart’s John Nolte would call them, have sharpened their tact. Rather than go directly after Mr. Trump, they’ll settle for elevating anything and anyone they can so long as that someone or something is not Donald Trump, nor an agent or advocate for Mr. Trump.

The Ted Cruz ad they’re all so giddy about is, I’ll grant you, exceptionally well-conceived. It’s a parody of the movie “Office Space,” specifically the scene where they take the copier out to a field and beat it to bits and pieces with makeshift weapons, feet and fists. The only difference: In the Cruz ad it’s Hillary Clinton and her people destroying what we’re easily led to believe is her email server. Even cooler, they changed “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster” to “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Clinton.”

Tons of potential there. Again, all very, very well-conceived.

The reality, however: It was horribly executed.

The track — “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Clinton” — had to be altered dramatically to avoid copyright infringement, and what they ended up with was so disjointed and bad that I could barely sit through the whole thing let alone enjoy it. (Maybe if I never heard the outstanding beats in “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster” I’d feel differently, but if that were the case…then this ad wouldn’t make much sense anyway!) So the track itself was poorly composed with entirely weak beats and hooks, and the lyrics were just awful as well.

Then you have the scene itself. It’s done absolutely verbatim to the Office Space scene. No creativity. No alteration. Just 100% choreography plagiarism. There were so many opportunities to make this so much better than just replacing Michael, Peter and Samir with Hillary and her henchmen. Why not have Holder or Obama come through offering a new weapon of choice — or Bill walking by in the background with a few girls perhaps almost losing one of them to a distracted Hillary henchman — or Putin walking up and taking a big chunk of the server with him while Hillary is distracted by the 3 staffers bringing her an iced tea…just spice it up, change a few things to make it more original and more effective.

The music, the lyrics and the scenario(s) were all crumby. This could have been a great ad and it was a great idea, but the execution was terrible.

And frankly, that’s exactly what a Cruz Presidency would be.

I love Ted Cruz. I do. But he’s a total divider and if elected President we’d have only more gridlock and more divide. I like Trump in part because he will bring along a coalition of voters to include huge swaths of Democrats who never before thought about voting GOP. “Well that’s bad, we don’t need Democrats!” you might be saying. Look, Democrats aren’t evil, they’re just terribly misguided. And they’re misguided because we have crumby messengers who are more interested in helping themselves and each other than in actually winning the national conversation for a change. Chief among these crumby messengers are those like Jim Geraghty and Jonah Goldberg who see greatness where there’s primarily only room for vast improvement…


Or worse, headline writer extraordinaire for The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, who sees “EPIC!” in the same exact way The Huffington Post does…


…whenever something entirely uninteresting or insignificant takes place that The Huffington Post and it’s leftists want you to be excited about, they cry out “EPIC!”

Ben Shapiro — who micromanages the goings-on at The Daily Wire which will be the second website he runs in to the ground after the now-defunct Truth Revolt — should spend more time learning how to beat HuffPo’s politics, and less trying to be like them culturally.

The Cruz ad was a great idea but done horribly…and the shitty messengers who a) Are responsible for Trump’s rise amid their own absolute inefficacy and also b) Have the most to lose as Trump continues to show how entirely useless they are — need to stop being so giddy about anything that isn’t Donald Trump, and start being realistic about winning the conversation in a way that allows real mandates for change to transpire in tandem with the conservative values that they’ve allowed to become a laughing stock the world over.

The Cruz ad was a great idea but it was executed horribly, and that’s exactly what a Cruz Presidency would be like…and the amplified conservative messengers who fear Donald Trump and yell “EPIC!” where only “tepid” exists are clearly not getting any smarter about their thinking or sharper with their messaging.

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