Bernie Sanders Is Insane

I haven’t paid much attention to the Democrat Presidential primary, largely because I know that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. It’s fun, and cute, that Bernie Sanders is pretending to actually give her a fight…but it’s not gonna happen. One Super Tuesday after another will slowly-but-surely relegate “The Bern” back to obscurity. Hillary could be hauled off in handcuffs at some point in the next few months, and still the DNC would make sure that she got the nomination over Bernie Sanders. And if she’s hauled off in cuffs and can’t make bail, then it’ll be Biden or — who knows, at the rate this season is going — Jeb(!)(?)(: /) could end up being the Democrats’ nominee. But it won’t be Bernie, because the DNC knows what the rest of us know: Bernie Sanders is insane.

Still as I sat here after New Hampshire and before South Carolina/Nevada, listening for the first time to a Democrat primary debate — I really wanted to start fighting for Bernie.

Because I agree with him? Or am inspired by him? Or had an “Aha!” moment that makes me really see the light and want to help him press forward with his agenda?

No. Not at all.

I really wanted to start fighting for Bernie because as much as I think Hillary will be so easy for Trump to beat that it will actually be enjoyable to watch…I know Bernie Sanders would be even easier to beat and that much more hilarious to see pulverized under the political strength of Mr. Trump’s one-man wrecking crew.

Alas, it’s not to be. Sure I could tweet that Hillary is a liar and Bernie is the only real hope for Democrats and the future of America, but a) no one would listen and b) those who did listen would know I was being sarcastic. And so I move along, and instead will briefly address two things Sanders constantly harps on that really bug the hell out of me…

First, Sanders — along with many on the left — insists that “healthcare is not a privilege, it’s a right.” For lack of patience, let me respond first in a single word: Bullsh*t. Yes it sounds nice to say “healthcare is a right,” but as anyone who’s ever seen a loved one endure the grueling process of becoming a physician will tell you…nobody is entitled to the product of that person’s hard work. So pay attention, rabid socialists and other millennibags…

Simply being born does not entitle you to a doctor’s time, a hospital’s resources and/or your neighbors paying for both. I’m sorry. I know this is devastating for you to hear and you millennials will likely need additional therapy and time in your safe space, but it’s true. Healthcare is a privilege and it’s one that, for most of us, costs a pretty penny to enjoy. Still, in the USA, most people who need free healthcare do get it. It’s something we’ve been able to afford, and per the cost-benefit analysis of our national conscience…it’s well worth paying for. And heck if we play our cards right and smarten up how we pay for healthcare (enabling interstate competition, for example) then maybe we can make it even more affordable and expand care even more. But resist being sold on the lie that doctors’ time, hospitals’ resources and your neighbors paying for both is a “right”…because it’s not. It’s a privilege, and that so many believe just being born entitles them to receive that privilege at no personal expense — is actually a function of greed. And again, that’s fine. In the USA, we allow for that greed because our supposedly awful, evil, hateful capitalist system enables it. But don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s anything other than that, lest your otherwise passing case of youthful stupidity become a lifelong affliction of mindless and debilitating, liberty-crushing entitlement.

Secondly, Sanders loves to compare the USA to “every other industrialized nation.” And again, he’s not alone in doing this as it’s a go-to line for all leftists. But he does it like every other time he opens his mouth, so I need to make something very clear: Bernie, the USA is the single greatest nation on the face of the earth. If we’re doing something differently than every other nation out there — then that’s a difference I’m going to sprint toward, not away from. I know you hate our nation as it is today and love only what it might someday become, but we’re the single greatest and most prosperous nation on the planet — not to mention among the very youngest — and it’s not because, as you imply, we were founded on principles of socialism and entitlement. In fact quite the contrary, we’re the most prosperous and opportunity-rich nation on the planet because we were founded on the antithesis of entitlement and socialism: We were founded on freedom and individual liberty. We were founded on the principle that every US citizen would be enabled his or her absolute freedom and liberty despite a still necessary government. Not by that government, because of or thanks to it…but despite it. So quit saying that socialism and entitlement made our nation great or enabled our success, because neither could be further from the truth. And stop comparing us to other nations as if we have some big lesson we need to learn from…what, The UK where their pussified little “Junior Doctors” are striking now because 50 hours per week is too much for their delicate sensibilities? You want us to be more like that persistently weakening and worsening crapshack? No thanks.

Bernie Sanders is a psychopath and I wish oh I wish he’d get the Democrat nomination because it would be hilarious to watch Donald Trump — who is already calling Sanders a “communist” since US millennibags seem to be turned on by the word “socialist” — pummel him in to little, tiny socialist pieces. But woe is me, Hillary will have to do. And that’ll be fun also. Summer and Fall 2016 can’t get here soon enough.

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