Useless Conservative Media Hates Trump

So the National Review’s conservatives-for-profit have come out against Trump, and they brought their conservative-for-profit pals with them.

Introduced tonight on Fox News as being led by Rich Lowry, the anti-Trump mob is also represented by Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich and Brent Bozell.

Here’s the simple reality…

None of these people are any better than the establishment GOP that has failed us for so long. They have all built their careers by preaching to already-faithful choirs, but have done exactly nothing to actually advance our movement.

The reason nothing changes in DC even when we win elections is that no matter what, at virtually every turn with the exception of the 2nd Amendment — we on the right are represented by people who persistently lose the national conversation. And if you lose the national conversation then even if you manage to eek out a few electoral victories, there’s no mandate for actual change legislatively — let alone socially or culturally where frankly, in 2016, it matters the most.

These anti-Trump conservatives-for-profit have built their careers on the pretense that they’re the great arbiters of the conservative message, but all they ever do is preach to people who already agree with them. They don’t change anyone’s minds. They don’t create any converts to our way of thinking. They don’t put the other side in any meaningful or lasting defensive crouch.

They push their books, they push their cable news appearances, they push their blogs and the sites they work for…and that’s it. They help themselves and each other under the guise that they’re helping us.

Then comes Donald Trump who actually stands a real chance at winning the national conversation, and they all attack him for it. He’s proven how entirely useless they are, and rather than take their blinders off to even consider the good he’s capable of doing…they’ve banded together against him to protect their own, inbred interests.

Their interests are not mine and yours. Okay at some distant level…sure, we agree on most things politically. But the foremost interests of this anti-Trump conservative-for-profit mob relate to themselves and their crony pals. They operate like a bad clique, heaping praise on each other no matter what and excluding anyone who dare try to breach their inner circle. Then Trump comes along and tells them the truth: “You’re all losers!”

These people have spent their entire careers losing the national conversation and getting paid for it, and when Donald Trump shows up and starts winning the national conversation without charging a single dime…they want us to trust them that their way is still better. They want us to believe it’s Trump who’s the loser, and they’re all just as cool as they’ve charged us for decades to believe they are. All while accomplishing nothing except making the entire right a laughing stock for persistently 50%+ of our nation…not to mention the entire planet.

Ted Cruz is fantastic, but if he were elected President we’d have as much if not more gridlock than we do right now. But let’s just pretend he’s elected President with super majorities in the House and Senate. Then what? We force our will while half the nation hates us for it and the institutional left replenishes its arsenal of weapons to substantiate that hate for all-things-conservative? That’s what you want to do? Then what, after that? You think the hate we’ll garner from 50% of our nation will just magically disappear on President Cruz’s slow and steady road to something a little bit better that will take a long time to really manifest? We’ll sustain those super majorities along with the White House after Cruz’s terms? That’s your plan: “Division as usual; Force our will by winning just enough votes without winning the conversation“…?

The old establishment GOP was afraid of Democrats, and so they pushed moderates on us. The Trump GOP wing – at least those of us who are looking beyond the initial appeal – are excited about Democrats. The vast majority of recreationally-engaged Democrat or left-leaning voters are not bad people. They just don’t know us at all, and are easily convinced by the media, academia and Hollywood (aka the institutional left) that we’re bad people. And why are they so easily convinced? Because you’re all shitty messengers!

So please, spare us your promise that while you’ve gotten rich losing the national conversation…now that Trump is here and winning it…we gotta smack him down and just trust you some more. I’m not buying it and guess what: Your messaging still sucks because neither is anyone else.

A President Trump will bring an entire coalition of Democrat voters along with him. He’ll disarm the biased media and put the DNC so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform. He will unite our nation in ways most of us didn’t think were possible in our lifetimes. He’ll be an arbiter for order and exceptionalism that’s long overdue, while crushing the media and DC machines that most of us thought were invincible. That you’re part of that machine and he’s proven you to be entirely useless is your problem, not ours.



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