Anti-Racism Is Code For Anti-Racism

All over the web I’m seeing the “anti-racism = anti-white” stuff crop up. It’s never sat well with me and today I ran in to a person on Twitter who has been captured by it’s allure.

He said to me, “Not all anti-racists are anti-white, but almost all anti-whites claim to be anti-racist.

Here was my reply and it’s a critically important message for anyone on the right who may be buying in to the racist “White genocide” garbage that’s circulating around the web…

Yes, there is a ton of anti-white sentiment floating around. I’ve written about it extensively on this blog lamenting – among other things – identity supremacy and the aggressively regressive suggestion that “whiteness” is to blame for all of anyone’s woes. It’s there and it’s being taught and I don’t deny that. But “Why?” merits a much closer look than many have or will give it…

Those who teach the “anti-white” mindset don’t do it because they want “White genocide.”

They do it because they want division.

And they want division because it creates disparity.

And they want disparity because it creates dependence.

And they want dependence because it creates left-leaning voters.

And they want left-leaning voters so they can create bigger government.

And they want bigger government because they want smaller individuals.

And they want smaller individuals because they just don’t believe that “Freedom” and “Liberty” are enough…so they think they’re doing a ‘moral good’ by creating a nanny state where they can (allegedly) redistribute resources more equitably.

I’m a huge Trump fan and if you review this blog you’ll see that very clearly.

I promise you…

Those buying in to the whole “White genocide” thing are giving the left exactly what they need first: DIVISION.

To defeat your enemy you must know your enemy.

With that in mind I beg of you, heed my words here: Resist becoming exactly who the left insist we all already are, and who Democrats are desperately waiting for us to become.


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