The Real Story Of Donald “The Truth” Trump’s Political Career

Well, it’s here. We endured the scorching hot summer when we weren’t sure who our nominee would be but the experts promised it would be Jeb(!)…which left many of us sweating bullets.

We made it through the crisp death of political autumn, when any who weren’t promising Trump’s political expiration were eagerly celebrating the passing of the establishment GOP.

And now, finally, we’re emerging from the brutal winter during which the full weight of DC, media and the entire “strategist/consultant” class did everything they could to end Donald J. Trump’s life as a candidate for the Presidency.

We survived and all of us, including Mr. Trump, are only stronger for it.

As we enter the spring of Trump, and all of those chattering idiots who mocked him begin to study the “genius” of his politics and campaign…I’m inclined to offer some insight in to what really just happened.

First of all, Mr. Trump is in fact exceptionally smart – but don’t confuse that with the savant-like genius that will inevitably be heaped on him by those he proved are entirely useless and as such need to gain his favor so they can work again.

I’m a huge Trump fan and anyone who reads this blog or my Twitter feed knows that, but the reality is…

Mr. Trump never actually intended to become President.

This entire movement – which history near and far may more aptly call an ‘evolution’ – stemmed from one single event: Mr. Trump spoke honestly about the problems we face with illegal immigration, and for that he was attacked dishonestly by both sides of the DC establishment along with the entirety of the institutional left (media, Hollywood, academia).

As I’ve noted before: Anyone who truly thinks Donald Trump or any of his supporters actually believe that “all Mexicans are rapists”…are all idiots. But that’s the story everyone who’s dependent on the status quo went with, because he also said something else on that fateful day: He promised to actually deport people who were here illegally. In that moment, Mr. Trump immediately earned the backing of an electorate who for decades were called rubes or worse if they dared suggest we actually uphold our duly enacted laws.

On that otherwise uneventful day in June 2015, Mr. Trump’s political 1) inspiration, 2) swell of support, 3) fight, 4) endurance, 5) integrity and 6) explosive desire to help “We The People” were all conceived, birthed and matured.

Trump earned the backing of the people by stating fearlessly that yes, this is a nation where we actually enforce our laws even when fainting Democrats, hand-wringing establishment Republicans and finger-wagging media tell us not to. And he earned the fire in the belly and also the empathy of what it’s like to be “one of us,” when he was attacked so grossly and so dishonestly by the full weight of the entitled, enabled, enabling political machine and the media whose sustenance is dependent on it.

Since that time Mr. Trump has acted with extraordinary principle, courage and honesty. (I’m still waiting for his campaign to announce that of all the policies Mr. Trump supports, “Honesty” has and will remain his foremost policy.) And he’s expressed these qualities with his sights squarely set on the positive and inclusive task of making America great again.

He didn’t come to the party this way and I assure you the vast majority of his supporters – namely those Democrats you haven’t heard about yet but who will dominate the news by the end of the election – never expected that Donald Trump would be the person they turn to as the arbiter of order and exceptionalism that have both slipped so far out of reach that many gave up on their resurgence. But he’s here now, and so are his supporters, and it’s not because of “genius” or cunning or even the tremendous business savvy he’s accumulated throughout his illustrious career as a global mogul in the decisively unforgiving world of real estate. Donald Trump the politician was born on June 16, 2015 and will live a long, healthy political life until the next POTUS is inaugurated on January 20, 2025…because in that moment when he saw just how dishonest, threatened and threatening the DC & media machine was – he knew what it was like to be someone like us who couldn’t fight back, and became just pissed off enough to commit to doing it for us.

He’s exceptionally smart, but he’s not a genius who’s been plotting this whole thing ‘all along’ as part of some diabolical plan. If studying that theory will keep the chattering media class – both right and left – busy, so be it. Let them. But you and I know that what Mr. Trump will be more than anything is our toughest President in modern history, and the one most truly committed to actually helping We The People and making America great again. And given the mandate he’ll be bringing with him to DC built on a coalition that spans every political persuasion and demographic, that’s exactly what he’ll do.


  1. This is an opportunity for ALL AMERICANS to work together and rebuild a nation we once were- A nation of people with solid principles focused on freedom and justice for all. A nation the is respected for its Power to do the right thing.


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