By now everyone has figured out that South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley decided to use the GOP “response” to President Obama’s State Of The Union address, as an audition for the job of VP in a Jeb Bush Presidency.

Of course that job will never exist, but that’s no bother to wildly out-of-touch establishment GOP insiders like Haley. (Mind you, I think there was a time that Haley was a good, honest conservative…but that time has clearly passed. As is so often the case on both sides of the aisle – she came to do good, stayed to do well and in the end will do very little except elevate herself and her crony pals.)

And so rather than push back on Obama’s predictable lament that our nation is historically divided and after 8 years of inspiring that division he wishes we’d all just get along, Nikki Haley used the invaluable real estate of the GOP response to attack…

…Donald Trump.

That’s right: While the entire nation was watching, Nikki Haley’s GOP response – approved and celebrated by Reince Priebus and the rest of the establishment GOP – was to insult the conservative grassroots and attack the undisputed peoples’ choice for the GOP Presidential nomination.

I’ve begged and pleaded with Corey Lewandowski (Trump’s Campaign Manager) and Mr. Trump to adopt this hashtag and have recently warned them that if they don’t, someone else will.

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain is fine. It’s fantastic, even. For all the talk of the “anger” Trump allegedly inspires, there’s always that optimistic constant to fall back on: “Anger? What anger? Mr. Trump’s is a message of hope! He wants to make America great again and that is what people are responding to!” It’s outstanding and I don’t think anything should replace it.

But also strong and also true, is #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain.

All of Trump’s detractors – from the Democrats, to the media, to the crony GOP establishment including its insiders and media who Trump has proven to be entirely useless – all of these people insist in unison that Trump is dividing our nation and that that’s his appeal.

This is infuriating to hear, and it’s only more infuriating to hear Trump and his campaign totally flat-footed as the accusation is leveled. I sat in front of Corey Lewandowski a few months back at Trump HQ and warned him this would happen, but he didn’t seem too concerned.

He should be, because it’s a very sticky accusation that’s been simmering for months and if The Donald doesn’t get the nomination, this will be why…and if he does get the nomination, this will be the biggest attack on him. And it will resonate a heck of a lot more without the primary sideshows and with the intense focus of the media, Democrats and yes many establishment GOP figures who will make news for endorsing Hillary over Trump. (You thought Colin Powell was bad when he endorsed Obama? Just wait until half of the GOP is saturating the headlines talking about “Donald The Divider.”)

It’s infuriating to me because those leveling this attack have built their entire careers and party platforms on dividing people by identity and then appealing to them based on characteristics and grievance that they insist must accompany that identity. In fact this entire blog, which I started a mere 4 months ago, is mostly based on calling out the left and establishment GOP for their shared love of division.

Another hashtag I’ve pushed toward the Trump campaign is #TrumpDems, because I truly believe that if he gets the nomination and they play their cards right…then by September our nation will be so enamored with the enormous tidal wave of “Trump Democrats” that no one will even hear the media’s inevitable giddiness over the prospect of electing our “First woman President.”

People of all backgrounds – race, ethnicity, gender, political persuasion, sexual identity, religion…you name it – everyone who isn’t a staunch political insider or junkie already, is getting excited about a Donald Trump Presidency. I’ve noted before on these pages that he’ll unite our nation in ways many of us never even imagined were so expeditiously possible.

So when I hear Nikki Haley or Matt Lewis or any of the other politicians, “strategists” or useless media types attack Trump for his alleged interest in “dividing” our nation…I can’t help but get pissed. These politicians, insiders and media “geniuses” have gotten rich by teaching the GOP how to persistently lose the national conversation on virtually every single issue…and now they want us to trust them as they attack the first GOP candidate in what feels like forever to actually win the national conversation!? No thanks.

Donald Trump will #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain and in large part it’s because he’ll build a coalition that includes millions and millions of #TrumpDems. Maybe the campaign has a plan but as of now they appear flat-footed amid accusations to the contrary. And as the Democrats begin to wisely start playing offense on “unity” despite having built their entire platform on dividing us, everyone on Team Trump needs to get their heads and arms around this…

You’ll not #MakeAmericaGreatAgain if you can’t #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain because it’s that “unity” that will create the real mandate for real change culturally, socially and yes legislatively too. That’s what the Trump campaign will do, but it’s important for them to start saying it out loud.


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