Update On The Author

With just one new post having gone up in the last month or so, it’s time for an update on me…

I started this blog on September 7, 2015. And for September, October and November…I posted pretty regularly — always with as much sincerity and to the best of my on-the-fly ability substance, intellectual honesty and progressive thinking. (That’s actual progressive thinking; Not the kind claimed by 2016 leftists that could more accurately be described as ‘regressive.’)

My wife really wanted me to do this but I knew it was a bit soon in our lives for me to have the luxury to put my day job away and focus instead on what I’m most passionate about: Political activism that promotes unity and Liberty.

She’s happy to live on Ramen Noodles but I’m not, so as things started to get very tight in late November…I knew I had to start looking for another full time job. (I’m in tech consulting on the sales side, and our situation is unique because we live in NYC now but are moving to Minnesota later in 2016.) Long story short, I found a gig that appears to be a great fit for me and I’ll be starting back to work full time on January 11, 2016.

I’ll still post when I can and — yet again — aspire to publish more posts with fewer words. But I gotta pour myself in to my day job in order to really excel at it and ultimately keep it for a very long time in a way that’s mutually rewarding for myself, my employer and my/our clients.

I did get through to a few heavy hitters (foremost in the Trump, Cruz and Carson campaigns) but have also conceded that our nation is just not ready for what I believe to be the most important evolutionary step the GOP can take right now. That is, expressly rejecting voter segregation by identity (race, ethnicity, gender, etc) and telling the electorate out loud that’s what we’re doing. I’ve pushed it all over to the biggest names in politics and media, and simply…no one bites. There’s just no appetite for it. It’s a bit of a shame but I did give it the best shake I could (for now) and hope when I’m able to really pour myself back in to this endeavor, those with the most amplified platforms might trust we the people to be more ready for that message and movement.

We shall see.

For now, thanks to those who have read and enjoyed and again…I’m not calling it quits, but I’ve been absent recently and will be around only sporadically in the future…and now you know why.


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