Democrats Killed #TamirRice

For over a year now, the left has insisted that Tamir Rice was murdered by police.

They did the same with all the other black lives that they insist only matter to them.

Supported by lofty, elite liberals who love seeing our nation divided — these black activists freely threaten our nation with their cries of “No justice! No peace!” (The absence of justice does not automatically mean violence, and thus “No justice! No peace!” — enlisted first by Al Sharpton — can only be construed as a threat of violence if ‘justice’ is not done.)

Then justice is done; Charges are brought, a trial is held, and a jury convenes. But if these leftists don’t get the outcome they want, then they insist justice was not done.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement, promoted and celebrated by the Democrats, is a lynch mob.

They don’t want justice.

They want vengeance and they don’t care about the actual facts. Their minds are made up every. single. time.

No matter the case, once it hits the news — the only “facts” that matter are the ones they conclude thanks to Democrats and MSM before the “facts” even come out:

America is racist, all blacks are always aggrieved, whites are to blame and we’ve got structure station institution intersectionality microaggression reparation introspection work to do.

The misguided activists insist that all black people are victims all the time, and they are taught this liberty-crushing lie by their historically-consistent, bigoted Democrat enablers.

Historically-consistent, bigoted Democrats like Barack Obama.

And Hillary Clinton.

Linda Sarsour, the Muslim activist, gladly stokes the flames.

We see the #FreePalestine movement creeping up on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, in an effort to couple their shared sense of imaginary grievance.

Today I hear Nina Turner (some Democrat flunkie from Ohio) quickly correct herself after saying “black,” and making sure she lumps Hispanics in her stated grievance also. So to hear Nina tell it, it’s not blacks…it’s “blacks and Hispanics.”

(So #HispanicLivesMatter? Or are Hispanics black? Maybe we’re talking about black Hispanic, kinda like George Zimmerman  was “white Hispanic?” Who can keep up with all of the left’s demanded segregation…)

The Democrats promise black people that their lives will be horrible and that they have no chance of a fair shake. This manifests in broken homes and destroyed families. Those broken homes and destroyed families create kids like Tamir Rice — or Mike Brown, or Trayvon Martin, or Laquan McDonald — who are utterly hopeless in life. They strong-arm shopkeepers, disobey cops, swing on anyone who looks at them wrong, openly brandish firearms in public spaces even when the cops arrive, and spin around in circles when a cops says “Stop.” They simply don’t care about life, because they’re told by Democrats that their lives are effectively hopeless…and they have horrible parents who don’t do anything about it, because those parents were told that their lives are hopeless, too. And it’s all very much seductive and addictive.

So then death happens, and what gets blamed…?

Is it the Democrats who created conditions for so much disparity and hopelessness among America’s black community?

Is it Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton and Bernie Sanders and the entire MSNBC line-up who pander to blacks by insisting that unless they vote Democrat they’ll never have a fair shot or shake at life?

Of course not.

The cycle is repeated time and time again, generation after generation…because every time one of these horrible tragedies unfold — rather than appropriating blame where it belongs, the lie is just reinforced.

Tamir Rice didn’t die because cops are racist or even careless.

The dispatcher should have been more thorough in his/her call to the responding officers, but no one cares about that because — again — the “No Justice! No Peace!” crew don’t actually care about justice.

That’s why no one is complaining about the dispatcher, and the narrative is already set: “Racist cops are why Tamir died!”

Tamir Rice died because he had shitty parents who gave him no love, no accountability and no real reason to want to live. And he had shitty parents because the Democrats promise blacks that their lives are hopeless so they may as well give up now and just vote Democrat until these loving, wonderful people like Obama, Clinton etc can make all their problems go away and all their dreams come true.

They do the same with Hispanics, Muslims, LGBT, women and anyone they can segregate-by-identity.

Well cops kill black kids all the time! How come whites get taken alive when blacks get killed all the time? Can’t black kids be kids and not killed for it? Can’t you drive while black without getting killed for it?!” Please, spare us your anecdotal non sequitors. Many more whites than blacks are killed by cops, and plenty of blacks get taken alive as evidenced by your gripe last week that there are too many black men in prison. (I have to assume you mean alive in prison, no?)

The US isn’t racist and — whether you’re a black person living amid contrived grievance or a white person perpetuating the myth of that liberty-crushing contrived grievance — that you spend your life insisting that America is racist serves only to create more of the division, disparity and destruction you purport to combat.

Evolve already. The rest of us already have.

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