Donald The Candid

I’ve noted many times that the reason Donald Trump is so loved and successful in his Presidential run, is because he’s been honest with the electorate. And I stand by that assessment, but I think another word deserves some sunlight — maybe even more — after Mr. Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US.

That word is “candid.”

When Mr. Trump spoke about illegal immigration during his Presidential launch speech, he wasn’t trying to attack Hispanics personally. And anyone who is being honest, knows that. He was simply noting that porous borders mean lots of different people can come in, and that the people most willing to break our immigration laws — are also the people most willing to break other laws, too. He was noting that the people most eager to leave Mexico, are the criminals who want a more fertile ground on which to commit their crimes.

He spoke candidly about illegal immigration, and while the media and DC establishment (both GOP and Democrat) eviscerated him for this — he was rewarded roundly by the electorate who immediately lifted him to the top of the polls where he’s remained ever since.

Think about that: The mainstream media and Republican/Democrat DC establishment(s) began apologizing for letting Trump speak, skewering him for having done so and all collectively writing his obituary…while the electorate was too busy falling in love with Trump to care about what that media and political establishment thought. And both reactions — the peoples’ and media/establishments’ — were predicated on the same speech, and really the same 500 or so words within that speech.

That’s how disconnected and dishonest the media and DC establishment parties are from the candid realities American voters are not only capable of hearing…but starving for intellectual honesty candor with respect to.


I can’t stress this enough, in part because I’m just a few tricks short of myself being a trained seal by the media and DC establishments…

I don’t think “all Muslims” are terrorists or that Islam is an inherently bad or evil religion. I think the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving people, and — forget the terrorists for a minute — I think the so-called “social justice warriors” who claim to represent the whole religion give truly mainstream Muslims a bad name.

But while I do believe the vast majority of Muslims are good people, I also know that they’ve got a real problem in their religion right now and it’s something that needs to be dealt with in a serious way.

When I first heard Mr. Trump’s call to ban all Muslims, my heart sank a little bit. My reaction was, “Oh man is he just trying to get himself booted from the conversation!?” But again, I’m a flip and a belly rub from being a totally trained seal at the hands of our hyper-instructive media and political machines…so of course that was my initial reaction. Then I took several steps back and thought about it objectively.

Forget the near-term political expedience Mr. Trump enjoys from the wall-to-wall coverage, and forget the many ways this will also help in the long-term.

Mr. Trump’s call to temporarily ban all Muslims does what’s truly important  which is effecting meaningful, substantive, lasting change.

As was the case with his call to deport all illegal immigrants from the US without exception — the call to ban all Muslims tells the world something that they didn’t know about America: There are a still a few people in our nation who actually have backbones.

No, we’ll not be a doormat for illegal immigrants just because the media insists that it’s the nice thing to do.

And no, we’ll not expose our citizens and legal immigrants to undue terror threats, just because the media insists that taking measures to prevent it might hurt someone’s delicate sensibilities.

Maybe we don’t deport all illegal immigrants. Maybe we don’t ban all Muslims. But the messages are resonating now all across the globe that America isn’t fu*king around anymore, and that there are people in our nation who don’t care about your safe spaces or triggers or microaggressions; Wanting to secure our borders, enforce our immigration laws and protect our citizens from radical Islamic terror does not make us bigots or bad people — it makes us serious about doing what’s right to protect our nation, and unapologetic in that endeavor.

Islam has a real problem right now with terrorists, and that problem needs fixed. And until that problem is fixed, Donald Trump, nor the US, nor anyone else in the world should be forced to compromise their own safety and security — just to avoid hurting a Muslim person’s feelings.

I think truly mainstream, truly peace-loving Muslims who are already in the US and have assimilated — would emphatically agree with Mr. Trump’s proposal. And I think if they don’t, it has more to do with their being instructed not to by the media and political establishments, than by acting on what’s truly in their hearts and minds. If you stripped away the threat of PC police whose constant gaze most of us now fear, then the only people who will disagree with Mr. Trump’s proposal — are decidedly regressive leftists, and terrorists.


Trump is honest, and Trump is candid…and that’s what people want more than anything else, and that’s what our nation needs more than anything else. When he doesn’t like someone, he’ll tell them: “You’re a loser.” When others in the political world don’t like someone, they’ll insist on calling that person a “dear friend that they just disagree with on this issue.” Can you imagine if Barack Obama, or Jeb Bush, or John Kasich, or Hillary Clinton were to tell us how they honestly felt about someone like Ted Cruz? Or Donald Trump? These entitled, lying, entrenched political machinations are dark, disturbed people — and if they ever found the courage to be as honest and candid as Mr. Trump is, they’d probably reveal some very sick, very twisted hopes and aspirations for those who dare challenge or oppose their united media-DC establishment.

So media and political establishment — understand this: Yes, Donald Trump thinks many if not most of you are losers.

And your inability to cope with his candor, serves more than anything else to prove that he’s right.


  1. […] I’d love to add Rand Paul to the mix, but right now he’s too much of a wild card on too many big issues. He is intellectually honest though, and that — coupled with the ability to stand behind the courage of one’s convictions — is really the most important thing to me. (See this piece from December 2015 called “Donald The Candid.”) […]


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