Unwitting ISIS Recruiters

I’ve written at length on this blog about the Democrats’ penchant for relegating otherwise powerful individuals in to assigned groups wherein they’re to assume perpetual grievance. I’ve noted that they do this with black people, Hispanics, LGBT, women, Muslims…and really anyone they can segregate-by-identity. (FYI: Each of those are different links and will open new windows as you click them.)

After the radical Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, I wrote a piece lamenting Muslim SJWs (social justice warriors) — noting that they do not represent truly mainstream Muslims, and they do more to tarnish Islam’s brand than to promote it in a positive way.

Today I was thinking about the terrorists who struck in San Bernardino, and was wondering how they became radicalized.

And then it hit me…

Democrats and the institutional left often tell us that anti-Muslim bigotry is the greatest recruiting tool a terrorist organization could ask for. And if anti-Muslim bigotry were as widespread as they claim it is, then they’d be right. But it’s not, so they’re wrong. The unfortunate reality is that an Islamic terror organization’s greatest recruiting tool, is Democrats’ insistence that anti-Muslim bigotry is already ubiquitous. And while many on the left are well aware of the destruction they create in order to achieve what they perceive to be morally good, I believe know this — what’s effectively recruitment for Islamic terror groups — is entirely unintentional.

So-called “homegrown” terrorists — those who are self-radicalized in the US, specifically — are often nothing more than spoiled brats who believe they’re perpetually aggrieved and welcome an outlet through which to assert their frustration. Their hatred for America is more aligned with scorn than with deeply-held religious conviction. These individuals do not go browsing the web one day, land on an ISIS website and then decide they want to be terrorists. They may get there eventually, but it’s not their first stop.

To defeat Islamic terrorism, I believe we must take the fight directly to the terrorists’ backyards where we crush and then bury them. But to defeat homegrown Islamic terrorism, we must understand the catalysts between normalized and radicalized.

It’s not peaceful, truly mainstream Muslims who draw them in. It’s not ISIS directly that draws them in. It may in some cases be a totally unrelated event that leaves a person ready to die but compelled to find something seductive for which they can die dramatically — and that’s more likely true of those whose allegiance to Jihad mounts almost simultaneously with their conversion to Islam. But for those who are practicing Muslims and move from peaceful to radical — it’s Muslim SJWs who draw them in; It’s Linda Sarsour, Arsalan Iftikhar and those like them whose foremost mission is to convince the world that Muslims are perpetual victims — while demanding atonement from all non-Muslims to absolve that manufactured grievance.

It’s Democrats and the institutional left who want to segregate Muslims to form a reliable voting bloc, and those Muslim SJWs who are seduced by the Democrats’ insistence that they are perpetually aggrieved who — more than anyone or anything else — serve as a conduit between normalcy and radicalization.

Again, I do not believe that the Democrats who plant the seed nor the Muslim SJWs who nurture it, intentionally recruit for ISIS. As is typically the case with leftism, both will gladly assert unscrupulous means to achieve what they believe are worthy ends — but I don’t believe inspiring homegrown terrorists’ radicalization is part of their mission. Instead, it’s yet another unintended consequence of the left’s regressive attempt at progress — and while it’ll likely fly over the heads of most reading this, those who grasp it need to begin amplifying it. Robbing liberty from those who buy in to the left’s “perpetual grievance” lie is one thing, but serving as an obvious halfway house for terrorists-to-be to decide they’re right to hate the world, is something else entirely. That halfway house not only merits sunlight; It merits demolition. That liberty, unity, parity and progress will be strengthened as a result, is a very welcome byproduct. But the idea now, today, is to mitigate radical Islamic extremism.

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