Celebrating 9/11 & Fearing Donald Trump

Lots of talk about Donald Trump’s claim that Muslims were celebrating 9/11 in the US.


As I’ve noted many times on this blog, I’m a practicing and committed Christian and I believe most Muslims are good people. The terrorists obviously don’t do them any favors, and neither do the Muslims SJWs (social justice warriors) who the Democrats have segregated and now appear on news shows claiming to speak for the whole religion. But the simple and unfortunately increasingly elusive reality remains: The majority of truly mainstream Muslims are good people.

I was glad to hear Donald Trump continue to reinforce that same point, as recently as 11/30/15 on MSNBC: “I have many Muslims friends; They’re wonderful people.”

Don’t let the left’s lies become reality. The left want there to be division, and bigotry, and racism, and disparity, and destruction — and ultimately segregation all across the US. They want these things because the more people see themselves as part of an aggrieved group rather than as strong individuals, then the bigger the government can grow as a function of alleviating these many contrived “grievances.”


While most Muslims are truly good people — there are plenty who are not. Some of them are active members of terrorist organizations. Others side with the terrorists and want Islam to dominate the globe, but are not as vocal or immediately militant in expressing their views.

I wrote about the left’s desire to be BFFs with all of Islam, and stand by the points in that piece.

Today, the institutional left are exerting their desire to be BFFs with Islam and simultaneously attacking Trump. The news shows, bloggers, newspapers and politicians are coming out and basically insisting that it’s impossible or nearly impossible for anyone in the United States to have celebrated 9/11. Let’s just be keep this very simple and hopefully very easy to digest…

Barack Obama’s own preacher, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, celebrated the terrorists’ 9/11 attack while giving a sermon in church!

When you say “The chickens are coming home to roost,” the implication is that something wrong was done…and that wrong is being righted. Thus, Wright’s declaration that 9/11 meant “America’s chickens are coming home to roost!” is a clear celebration for the attacks, which — in his view — serve to begin righting the wrong that is America and American history.

The President of the United States sat in this man’s church for 20 years. This man officiated the President’s wedding. This man celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks while giving a sermon in church.


But suddenly the left’s delicate sensibilities are offended because Donald Trump notes that yes, in fact, there were Muslims in the US who celebrated 9/11? Are we to believe that black liberation preachers in America celebrated 9/11…but no practicing Muslims in America did? Are we to believe that leftists who hate America as it is and love only what it might someday become celebrated 9/11…but no practicing Muslims in America did?

The left’s claims here are only more desperate than they are absurd, and I increasingly believe that it’s not just the GOP establishment that’s threatened by a Trump Presidency — but the entire DC establishment, which includes Democrats and the media and the crony donor class and the consultants/advisers/strategists and the pollsters and everyone else who’s made a good living doing effectively nothing but helping themselves and each other on our dime. And they don’t fear a Trump Presidency because they think he’ll hurt our nation. They fear a Trump Presidency because they’ve all — Democrats, Republicans, media, crony insiders, the consultant/strategist/adviser class…all of them — have gotten fat by elevating themselves and each other, instead of doing what’s right for our nation. Mr. Trump is exposing their uselessness now with his candidacy, and if elected President — will expose their inefficacy and apathy as arbiters who claimed to be working for America, but were instead too often working America over.

And so they will do any and everything in their power to stop Mr. Trump…which, of course, makes an electorate that’s starving for intellectual honesty and sick to death of political correctness only support Mr. Trump more.

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