Let’s Be Clear About “Choice”

Women have absolute reproductive choice. They can choose to have sex, or choose not to. They can choose to use protection, or choose not to. They can choose who they have sex with. They can choose how they have sex. They can choose where they have sex. They can choose when they have sex. They can choose why they have sex. They can choose to get pregnant while in a committed relationship. They can choose not to get pregnant ever. They can choose to get pregnant while not in a committed relationship. The list goes on but the reality is simple: Women have infinite choice with respect to sex and reproduction. If a woman chooses irresponsibly and an unplanned pregnancy occurs — then absolving her accountability for choices she already made does not justify the murder of another’s life.

When people make choices, those choices net outcomes. Good choices typically result in easier choices, and bad choices typically result in tougher choices. This is true for everyone, as is the realty that we’ll all make our share of good and bad choices — with some being more profound than others — and that ultimately, how we respond amid the adversity we face is what truly defines and even shapes us.


It’s true that Planned Parenthood was started by a eugenicist to “solve the negro problem,” but just as the Democrats’ general racial and ethnic bigotry has evolved in both purpose and function — so too has their support for abortion.

Today’s Democrat party would not exist if they weren’t able to segregate individuals by identity and then assign them perpetual grievance. The left needs people to endure grievance so they’ll depend on the government to absolve those perceived grievances. Imagine a firefighter who goes around lighting buildings on fire, only so he can show up and be called a hero for putting the fire out. This is how the modern Democrat party operates in perpetuity en route to growing the government for what they believe is a morally good purpose. With respect to abortion, it means segregating women and telling them that they are perpetually aggrieved because some in society won’t deny for personal or political convenience that a) Life starts at conception, b) All life is created equally, c) Life in the US is a right and d) Women are capable of being accountable for their choices.

This is also why the left work so tirelessly to devalue the family. It’s empirically proven science (not to be confused with politically-motivated settled science) that broken homes drive disparity more than anything else. Yet the left not only reward broken homes, but celebrate them.

Abortion is thus a two-time winner for the establishment left: It allows them to segregate women and tell them they are aggrieved, while also devaluing the family by making the sanctity of pregnancy something that’s viewed casually rather than with the seriousness it merits.


Months ago I posted a challenge for pro-abortion advocates, claiming that I alone could find more women who regret abortion than the entirety of the left with all of it’s resources can find women who regret choosing life. No one took me up on that challenge, so let’s set that aspect of abortion’s obvious destruction aside…

Consistent with the left’s purported “help” for those they segregate by identity and assign perpetual grievance to, pro-abortion advocates actually create the very destruction they claim to combat. They say they are fighting for “equality” for women and standing up for women’s rights — but what they’re really doing is lowering the bar for women and deeming them too stupid or delicate or both, to be held as accountable as men are for pregnancy.

If a man gets a woman pregnant, then he is financially responsible to care for that child whether he wants to be or not. The woman could have lied to him and said she was on the pill, but it doesn’t matter. The man is held accountable. And if he says “My wallet, my choice!”…then the law will step in and force him to pay the woman. I’ve run with some shady crowds in my day and know more women than I can count on two hands who would gladly have abortion-at-will but then suddenly decide they want to be mothers when the father happens to be someone with a lot of money.

I believe it’s right that a man be accountable financially and otherwise for children he fathers, whether he intended to or not. Of course it’s unfortunate that we’ve created a culture where women would gladly lie to and trap a man in to that obligation, but the answer isn’t to absolve men accountability. The answer is for men to be mindful of that reality, and make decisions responsibly and accordingly in light of it. At the same time, we as a society might consider a course-correction that endears a greater sense of gender equality and absolves women the implied inferiority that has so many believing they’re so perpetually incapable, victimized and/or unequally entitled. The abortion conversation, as asserted by those who oppose abortion, is a great place to start that course-correction.


The pro-abortion crowed effectively says: “Yes women have millions and millions of reproductive choices they can freely make, but if you don’t support their legal right to murder another life to absolve the irresponsible choices a woman makes — if you intend to hold women as accountable as men are held for pregnancy — if you don’t lower the bar for women in every sense while helping to devalue the importance of family and sanctity of pregnancy — then you’re sexist, and anti-choice, and violent!”

I disagree, and it has nothing to do with ‘morality.’ I believe life starts at conception, that all life is created equally, and that the right to life is an inalienable one. I’m against government-imposed morality, and my views are based on science and codified US law that far precedes Roe vs Wade. If you, on the the other hand, believe that women are ‘without choice’ unless they can be absolved their irresponsible choices, and that women must not be held as accountable as men are for pregnancies…that’s on you and your warped sense of “good intentions.” But make no mistake, you’re the regressive one in this conversation and I’m working toward real progress — and you better pray voices like mine stay relegated to barely-visited blog pages, because the minute we get amplified…you lose the national conversation and are exposed for the tools, segregationists and destroyers you respectively are.

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