The Left’s Hateful Rhetoric

In the wake of the shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, the institutional left is again decrying the “hateful rhetoric” that they claim is espoused by conservatives and Republicans.

Let’s take a look at “hateful rhetoric,” shall we…?

First of all, many on the right — to my dismay — do spend all their time debating abortion by shouting “MURDER!”

But many on the left, particularly with the celebrated rise of the racist #BlackLivesMatter movement, spend all their time saying “KILL COPS!”

So whose rhetoric is more hateful? Is it conservatives who believe life starts at conception, and thus abortion — the killing of that life — is murder? Or is it the #BlackLivesMatter movement that’s celebrated and supported by the left, many of whom march in the streets both implicitly and explicitly chanting for the murder of law enforcement officers?

Cops have been killed at random by BLM activists since the left’s celebration and support of the racist #BlackLivesMatter movement — yet the entire left or BLM isn’t decried because of it. Rather, it’s deemed to be “unfortunate” and the result of “mental illness” or “lack of gun control.”

How about the racist killing of white WDBJ employees? The shooter believed “RACISM!” was to blame for all of his woes, and thus felt justified in going out and slaughtering white people. Was the left blamed for this, as they insist that the US is a racist nation and that ‘Whiteness’ is to blame? No. Again, “mental illness” and/or “lack of gun control” were the alleged culprits.

How about the shooting at the UCC campus in Oregon, where the shooter roamed the campus asking students to state their religion — and then shooting in the head those who answered “Christian”? Was that blamed on the left’s divisive, destructive, anti-Christian rhetoric? Of course not.

In fact just a few months later we’re hearing that same divisive and destructive rhetoric — that same hateful and violent rhetoric — from the left today in the wake of the shooting in Colorado Springs.

  • The left’s segregationists and racists insist that shouting “Black pride! ‘Whiteness’ is a disease! Kill cops!” is an act of commendable social justice. They say that is the thinking required to unite our nation and end racism.
  • The left’s misogynists insist that unless women are absolved the many irresponsible “reproductive choices” they make before getting pregnant, those women have no — zero, zilch, none — “reproductive choice” at all. And they say that if you disagree, and you believe women can and should be held as accountable as men are for pregnancy — that you’re a sexist.
  • The left insist that Islam is a uniformly beautiful and peaceful religion as millions of its followers across the world rape and murder in the name of Islam, but if a single individual does something evil while aligning him/herself with the Christian faith — then the entire religion, and all of its proponents, are to blame.

The Democrats in the US have always thrived off of division, disparity and destruction. Their hateful rhetoric is responsible for most of the violence our nation endures, and their audacity in blaming “GUNS!” when it’s one of theirs or “THE ENTIRE CONSERVATIVE RIGHT!” when a Planned Parenthood is shot up once every few decades…is further evidence of their commitment to creating more division, disparity and destruction.

And this is all to say nothing of the hoaxes that leftists perpetrate to support their narrative.

I often talk about how the left are “well-intended but wildly wrong” and that among their most destructive qualities is a belief that ends justify means. Days like these, when I see them beaming on the inside while pretending to weep on the outside because the right’s so-called “hateful rhetoric” so offends their delicate sensibilities…

it begins to create inside of me the very hate they claim has always been there. And that’s what they want, and so I need to write it on paper to remember that fact — and avoid letting it become reality. The left are well-intended but wildly wrong, and while they thrive off of division, disparity and destruction to achieve their goal of a bigger government controlling smaller individuals and redistributing resources “more equitably” — I’ll not let the hate they lead with, inspire and exercise…become my own.

By the way, want some ugly rhetoric, leftists? Well here you go: Planned Parenthood has killed millions more black lives than cops ever have or will — combined, and that’s consistent with Planned Parenthood’s charter mission to “solve the negro problem.” That rhetoric may be ugly, but exponentially more notably than that…it’s 100% true.

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