“Grievance” Is The New Shackle

Today I’m watching protesters across the nation try — incredibly pointlessly, mind you — to “disrupt” America’s busiest shopping day in support of their cause.

These protesters believe that America is a fundamentally racist nation, and that our law enforcement exercises that racism in its dealings with minorities black people.

The protesters are supported by liberals in the grassroots, and celebrated by the Democrat party and institutional left.

They broadly refer to their cause as “social justice,” which serves as a euphemism for America’s ugliest and most destructive cycle.

The cycle in modern America starts with relegating otherwise empowered individuals in to an assigned group, and insisting that — as members of that group — they endure perpetual grievance. The Democrats do this with black people, women, Hispanics, LGBT, Muslims and really anyone they can segregate-by-identity — but for the purposes of this post, we’re focusing solely on black America which has been targeted by Democrats the longest and most aggressively.

Here’s how the cycle manifests, and has with increasing gravity ever since 1964 when the Democrats learned they could no longer legally deny black people in America of Civil Rights…

  • Democrats tell black Americans that they are victims. They insist that there is ubiquitous racism in the US, and that having black skin guarantees that you will be treated unequally and not have the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • In order to believe the Democrats’ lie, you are required to identify first with the group and only after that as an individual.
  • By identifying first with the group, you unwittingly relinquish some or all of your Individual Liberty.
  • With your Individual Liberty diminished, you now truly are a victim as Individual Liberty is the sole conduit by which a life in America can equitably pursue happiness.
  • “Liberty” is effectively free will with the caveat that you may not infringe on others’ rights. It’s because of Liberty that we Americans, as individuals, are able to confidently say I am my own leader. Liberty is a right but also a gift, and it comes wrapped every minute of every day in ‘personal responsibility.’ You simply cannot capitalize on living in America if your individual liberty is not fully intact.
  • So now you are an individual with your own name, personality, dreams etc — but before that, you are a black person with an expectation that you will be treated unfairly. You aspire to pursue happiness unimpeded, but you just can’t do it because you are black…and so you must fight for your “rights.”
  • The Democrat party is eager to help in this fight. While so-called Uncle Toms are saying “Bootstraps!” and Republicans are talking about “the soft bigotry of low expectations” — it’s the Democrats who understand your grievance, and want to help mitigate it until we can truly become a nation with liberty and justice for all.
  • Policies are created expressly to address the trials you endure. Many black families can’t stay together because disparity puts undue strains on the family — and so the Democrats eagerly support and reward single-parent homes. While the media, Hollywood and academia all praise them and elevate single moms somewhere between Mother Theresa and Gandhi.
  • “Community” begins to replace the family unit. Hillary Clinton insists that villages, not families, raise children. Barack Obama insists that “My brothers’ keeper” merits greater focus than “My child’s parent.” Abortion, heralded in its inception as a way to “solve the negro problem,” is now a celebrated function of social justice; a responsible move to mitigate any number of irresponsible choices women made before they got pregnant. The sanctity of starting a family deteriorates, while accountability for individual choices is absolved.
  • The value of family sustains at the extended level that’s consistent with your ancestors’ traditions, but ultimately — the black nuclear family crumbles at exponentially disproportionate rates in comparison to all other races and ethnicities.
  • Without the love of a 2 parent family who lead by example for their children foremost by honoring their own commitments even (and especially) in the face adversity, disparity manifests across every other metric: Black Americans disproportionately endure disparities of income, education and eventually/unsurprisingly crime.
  • These disparities are proven empirically to be driven foremost by single parent homes, but the Democrats continue insisting that it’s the result of institutional or systemic racism.
  • The disproportionate crime rates garner the most attention. The entire nation knows that black Americans suffer disparity with respect to broken homes, income and education — but dismiss that reality entirely when it comes to the instances of crime that inevitably follow those disparities.
  • Instead, “racist cops” are to blame. (Or, increasingly, just plain old “Whiteness” is promised to be the culprit.)
  • In a nation of more than 320,000,000 people, you are given a handful of instances where the police may have acted stupidly — and told that is sufficient to indict the entire “system” once and for all.
  • The broken homes are not addressed. The absence of Individual Liberty is not addressed. The reality that brown immigrants from 3rd worlds come here and do well, and Asians out-perform everyone, and both have razor-thin instances of broken homes is entirely ignored.
  • Instead, you are encouraged to blame that which created your disparity in the first place: The belief that you are perpetually aggrieved and thus can’t possibly exist first as an individual enabled by Liberty, because in America — for you and you only — what you are trumps who you are.
  • And so the cycle continues…inciting only more division, more disparity and more destruction with each new iteration among each new generation.


You’re not victims, at least not in the way too many of you believe you are. America is not a racist nation. If you are victims at all, then you are victims of Democrats who fare much better politically when you believe that you are inherently ‘less’ in America. As noted in an earlier piece however, even those Democrats who exploit you are well-intended. Some exploit you unwittingly, while others do so willfully…but this is a complicated debate because everyone involved is coming from a place of ‘good intentions.’

In fact, from America’s slaveowners yesterday to Africa’s slaveowners today — the overwhelming majority of people aren’t inherently bad or evil. More often, they are taught to believe things that are dangerously wrong…and that sadly results in only more division, disparity and destruction.

And so I submit respectfully and sadly but unapologetically that in 2015 America — you are being taught things that are dangerously wrong…and these things have and will continue to result only in more division, disparity and destruction.

Having read this far you’ll likely still hang on to your perceived grievance for dear life because for many of you — as noted initially — it has become what you are, at the expense of who are you. And there are many who make a pretty good living off of your perceived grievance, and work hard every day to ensure you don’t abandon it. No one ever told me I was a victim. My Armenian ancestors were being slaughtered in an attempted genocide while yours were starting businesses in America, my mom is blind, I struggled for Cs in school, got 1/2 a sandwich for lunch most days, wore my sisters’ hand-me-downs and had 2-3 jobs from the time I was 14 until I was 21 when I shocked the world by graduating from college on-time and under budget. I’ve been jumped for being too white, jumped for being too brown, have been fired unfairly, wrongly accused and learned more times than I’d like to remember that sometimes in life — no matter what — some people just won’t like me. Still, all I’ve ever known is Individual Liberty; All I’ve ever known is that I am my own leader, and that while life won’t always be fair and people will often let me down — I am the only one responsible for my happiness. That you’ve been led to believe in your heart that’s not the case for you is our nation’s greatest modern sin — and elicits both sadness and anger in me as an observer.

But I didn’t do this to you. And “racist America” didn’t do this to you. And respectfully, please spare me the “America was built on slavery!” line. If slavery enabled America’s greatness, then African nations where slavery thrives still today would be superpowers. What enabled America’s exceptionalism — namely prosperity and opportunity for all — is Individual Liberty. Being you, before being anything else. Not being you held back by the belief that your skin color promises unfairness, but being you and only you — who decides for him/herself what that means, how it will manifest, and how responsible you want to be for and in light of the outcomes.

I hope and pray that when you wake up tomorrow and put your feet on the ground, your first thought might be “I am my own leader!” rather than “I am my own leader but I’m held back because I’m also a perpetually aggrieved black man/woman in America.” I hope and pray that you approach life with the gift of personal responsibility, and revel in the opportunity to set your own course; To not to start a family that you’re not committed to no matter what through thick and thin. To revel in setting the example for your children that mom and dad honor their commitments, and believe in the power of Individual Liberty that so closely mirrors God’s gift of “free will” — and let it be expressed through Love that will instill both accountability and promise in the children you and your spouse raise together…even when the going gets rough.

I hope and pray these truths will come to be in your life, but I cannot do it for you and I do understand that given the damage done by those who would rather see you aggrieved, beholden to them politically, and forever rinsing and repeating from generation to generation…it’s asking a lot more from you than I ever had to endure. But if you do this, and you commit yourself as moms and dads who honor their commitments as part of a 2 parent family even when it’s not convenient or fun anymore…then you’ll know more strength than I ever have, and the example you set for your kids will be among the most inspired and inspiring any family in our nation has or will ever know.

The grievance you know today is that which was foist on you by those who purport to have your best interests in mind. It is built on entitlement and low bars, and “atoning” for it will only perpetuate it. You must do this yourself, and the only way for that to happen is by taking back and exercising that which you’ve been robbed of: Individual Liberty, as exercised through the gift of personal responsibility, which serves as the sole conduit between your life and your own pursuit for happiness.

It’s on you, and that’s a really, really good thing. Even if you don’t see it that way or believe me, if you embrace it and abandon the shackle of perpetual grievance…then I promise your children will know the Liberty I and my peers on the right — including many who look like you — always have.

Or, don’t…and let the cycle continue until — consistent with the Democrats’ ultimate goal — we are all equally enslaved by a government that’s too big for Individual Liberty to endure.


  1. In second paragraph, “it’s” is wrong, is short for “it is.” Should’ve used “its,” which is possessive form you need there. Just saying. Mars an otherwise thoughtful piece.


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