Trump’s Ascent & The GOP Insiders

I’m a Republican with values that can best be described as “conservatarian” — a combination of conservative and libertarian.

When I yell at my TV, I’m usually yelling at the person on the right.

Yes Democrats fight us and yes the institutional left lies about us, but it’s our own side — from the GOP, to conservative media, to strategists/advisers/consultants, to non-profits — who are responsible for our losing the national conversation at every turn. And ‘the national conversation’ is where the real battle is won. Without winning that, we can expect our mandates even when we elections to still remain paper-thin and thus net effectively zero substantive change culturally, legislatively or otherwise.

The left will always throw garbage our way, but it’s the inefficacy with which our own amplified voices combat those attacks that most frustrates me.

For that reason, I’ve been a fan of Trump since day one. He’s made ‘honesty’ his foremost policy, and I believe our parents were right: Honesty is always the best policy. That is why he is winning, and I’d argue he may not have had that commitment to honesty when he first entered…but rather, he stumbled on it organically when he was attacked dishonestly for not toeing the line on immigration and daring to say the word “Deport.”

I’ve watched these anti-Trump amplified voices high-five each other for beating up on poorly-armed Trump supporters. I’ve watched poorly-armed Trump supporters swing back furiously and in mobs. I’ve surmised, correctly, that many of the anti-Trump right assert the same blind ferocity that they lament among the pro-Trump right.

And now I’m starting to see that anti-Trump right come around, and it’s very unsettling because they still have no idea why he’s actually doing well. Moreover, their slow-walk to Trump couldn’t be more obvious. With over-intellectualized nuance, they come one-by-one mustering at best still tepid resentment over Trump’s rise and sustenance. They’re masking their desperate attempts with lukewarm advocacy because they spent the last 6 months demeaning Trump and anyone who supported him. They’re leaving an entirely forged paper trail so they can justify to themselves, their peers and Trump’s faithful that their shift in support was not without thoughtful introspection. I can handle groveling from people who are primarily humble — but this obvious groveling from egotistical, self-interested elitists is an assault on and in every sense.

I fear that once Matthew Dowd, or Stuart Stevens, or any of the legacy GOP “strategists” who for decades have gotten rich while elevating themselves and each other despite failing our movement for Liberty — I fear that once these “top players” among the GOP get in Trump’s ear, they’ll slowly but surely ruin what could’ve been a revolutionary movement for honesty, unity and ultimately Liberty.

Just like so many politicians go to DC with great intentions but are soon consumed by self-interest, so too are the strategists/advisers/consultants who have created their own lucrative underworld around DC.

Frankly, as great as Trump is, even he hasn’t yet landed on some of  the most important, responsible and productive themes that the GOP should be asserting to advance our nation in modern times. I ping his campaign almost daily with the hope that they’ll consider some of those themes, which are consistent with the GOP’s track record of inciting freedom and Liberty. Chief among them: Expressly reject voter segregation and profiling by race and/or ethnicity, tell the electorate out loud that you’re rejecting it, and declare instead that you’ll be appealing to Americans as individuals rather than relegating them to groups wherein they’re to trade varying measures of individual liberty in exchange for the right to some perpetual, contrived “grievance.” Trump hasn’t yet landed on this theme, or a handful of others that the GOP must be responsible for and can truly help our nation unite, evolve and progress in tandem with the principles that enabled so much American exceptionalism. If the “GOP smart set” (as Breitbart’s John Nolte mockingly refers to them) gets their hands on Mr. Trump, I assure you he never will.

Trump prides himself on bringing on the best in the business, no matter what that business is. He’s proven savvy in that regard with respect to politics, as his first hire was Corey Lewandowski (Campaign Manager) — an atypically strong “insider” whose passion for Liberty mirrors the most thoughtful among the grassroots. I can only hope as the general election approaches and a Trump Presidency looms shortly after that, Mr. Trump stays the course and trusts his gut on who’s in it for the right reasons — versus those who are in it only to enrich themselves.

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