The Left & Islam: BFFs

Sorry to take the fun out of the debate, but…

The reason Hillary, President Obama and the entirety of the institutional left are so careful not to offend Muslims is two-pronged with equal parts a) political expedience and b) perceived morality.


The left amass power by dividing people in to groups. This not only mitigates that pesky individual liberty that free-minded people revere as a central tenet to their independence — but it also helps the left maintain their various “You’re a victim!” narratives as they ascribe unique, entirely fabricated grievance to each group. They do it with blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBT and yes Muslims. The grievance the left ascribe to Muslims is, basically, “Everyone fears you and most of them hate you.” That’s why any chance they get to defend Muslims, they’re going to jump on — as doing so perpetuates their false claim that Muslims are in constant need of aggressive defense. The consistent application of that fabricated grievance is why we see enormous growth in the numbers of Muslim SJWs who appear more offended by the so-called Islamophobia that they’re told is ubiquitous — than they are by the blood-thirsty terrorists who exploit Islam to justify crimes against humanity. And those Muslim SJWs who cry “I’m the real victim here!” every time a terror attack occurs, are why more and more non-Muslims start to make actual generalizations about all of Islam and its faithful. This unfortunate turn of events is a function of “Say it until it becomes true” and really couldn’t work out any better for the Democrats who basically script the entire thing. (It happens with the Democrats’ other segregated groups, too. For example, I’m not sure who the first person was to apologize for saying “All lives matter,” but I am sure their doing so created more division than unity. Similarly, when “Black pride” is celebrated and “white” is used as a pejorative, it actually creates new racism – where none existed before, mind you – on both sides. When the left’s KKGay demand “You’ll bake me a cake and like it!,” it repels more people than it attracts.  When Americans are told that opposition to abortion means they hate women, or that wanting immigration laws upheld makes them racist — the left ultimately create more of the problems that they purport to combat, than they’ll ever mitigate. The lists go on and on, and most of this blog is dedicated toward finding more effective ways to communicate that reality.)


The left don’t like God, or any organized religion. The idea of a higher power means there is something bigger than the government, and to an educated leftist — the idea that something could be bigger than the government is just crazy talk…not to mention destructive and eventually hateful. So those who think President Obama only pretends to be a Christian but is in fact a Muslim, are half right. Like many politicians who claim to be committed Christians, President Obama is possibly atheist but I’d guess agnostic. If he has any religion at all then it is, along with most of the left’s top brass, the religion of Redistribution. Their ultimate goal is to create a much more powerful central government dictating to much less powerful individuals, because they believe most individuals simply aren’t capable of providing for or protecting themselves without the left’s loving, helping hand. This is why President Obama speaks glowingly and personally when talking about Islam, and critically and academically when talking about Christianity. He sees Christianity as the religion of the wealthy, while Islam is the religion of the poor. So consistent with his warped brand of morality that insists “Let government be your God because freedom and liberty just aren’t enough,” Obama and the left believe they’re acting morally when they adorn and absolve Muslims while belittling and blaming Christians.


The perceived morality the left uses to justify the politically expedient division, disparity and destruction they create through segregation — is that which ultimately results in a much more powerful government ruling over much less powerful individuals so that resources may be distributed more equitably.

That is why they work so tirelessly to defend Islam. They need to manufacture victims who can be relegated in to an assigned group amid a false sense of perpetual grievance, do their best to make that grievance become reality as both sides react to the left’s insistence that it already is, and then rinse and repeat with anyone they can segregate-by-identity until we either become the hateful the society they say we are — or enough of the electorate believes it, and vote for larger government that will allow the left to please their Redistributionist God.

And in case I’m not being clear enough, no — President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not secretly Jihadists. They’re just well-intended but wildly wrong and entirely too happy creating division, disparity and destruction en route to achieving that which they truly believe is “good.”

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  1. That summed it up especially about God ,father son and the holy ghost ,this country that I love messed up when they took God out of schools ,and it snowballed it’s going to take Jesus Christ to fix this country and he don’t dwell with those who don’t want his help or guidance,


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