Anti-Trump #Tcot; *This Guy* Edition

There’s a clique of conservatives who roam Twitter expressly to give each other reach-arounds and reaffirm what they believe to be their intellectual superiority. They typically can’t be bothered to engage with anyone outside of their clique unless it’s to beat up on a weaker adversary — so they can then go back to their circle-jerk and get yet more reach-arounds from their pals.

Consistently among this pack is a user who goes by @AG_Conservative.

In the first of this series (Anti-Trump Conservatives Lie & Lose Again), I noted that many amplified voices in new and social media had expressed their groupthink by way of a line in the sand that deems Trump laughable if not destructive to the cause(s) we on the right champion. I also noted that I believe that would begin to subside, and we’re seeing some of that now.

Michelle Malkin is an unwitting General amid this insiders-only clique of amplified conservative voices. They have latched on to her, but since she’s her own special breed of bad*ss — she of course has not reciprocated but for those instances when sincere agreement or dissent merits it.

Recently, Michelle has expressed an appreciation for Donald Trump that is similar to my own as noted many times on these pages: She’s glad he’s part of the immigration conversation because he’s bringing strength and courage to it that’s long overdue with respect to enforcing our laws. This is not to say that Mrs. Malkin has in anyway offered support for Mr. Trump as a preferred nominee. She’s a discerning and educated political buyer, and it will take much more than strength on immigration for Mr. Trump to recover from what Malkin views as several other transgressions.

Still, while she’s railed against him in the past and even battled with him directly, true to her own courage and individual stride — she’s not afraid to say out loud in the face of her fiercely anti-Trump peers: I’m glad he’s here for the immigration conversation.

Enter @AG_Conservative…

For Malkin’s tepid endorsement of Trump’s inclusion in the conversation, @AG_Conservative (AGC, going forward) found himself rolled over with concern. I watched last night (11/18/15) as his concern-trolling reached pitch levels. His tweets went from sincerity and respect for Michelle, to mocking and resentment, within mere minutes and without provocation.

There was this…


And of course this, because you can no longer have am amplified voice in the conservative movement unless you’ll enthusiastically help Democrats by using their “THAT’S RACIST!” tactic where no racism exists…


And this, because #caring…


And finally this, because nothing says “I have respect and want to understand” like pulling out a tweet from October 2012 and implying “You used to be cool”…


The fun part for me was seeing AGC run face-first in to the reality that his anti-Trump ferocity was not as uniformly cool shared as he had hoped.

Then tonight rolls around (the next day) and wouldn’t you know it haha…there AGC was yet again, confronted yet again by yet another from his amplified conservative clique who is slowly-but-surely foregoing the anti-Trump ferocity for at least a modicum of fairness.

Having spent the day getting pummeled for lying on his resume, BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski went back to doing what he does best: Being entirely useless.

Unable to resist the clicks Trump gets the crapshack that is BuzzFeed, Kaczynski eagerly made his brilliant case that Trump is — wait for it — “Unfactcheckable.”

Oh the humanity


Enter Ben Howe, who was actually a star in the first edition of my “Anti-Trump Conservatives” series. Once content to let the intellectually dishonest attacks stand, Ben decided — at least on this occasion — to speak up. And who was right behind him ready to spend yet another night crying in to his pillow? If you said @AG_Conservative, you’re right!


Above is just a snippet of the lengthy exchange wherein, and I’m paraphrasing, AGC insists “Trump is always wrong about everything!” while Ben replies “Easy there, killer.” You can click around and through the entire exchange via the link below the image. (WordPress just redesigned their site and apparently we can’t embed links in images anymore.)

Ultimately, AGC tonight was most troubled by Trump’s lack of clarity. And yes, it’s true, Trump often makes statements that are vague and hard to disprove. God forbid a GOP Presidential contender actually show some rhetorical agility when faced with an institutional left that for decades has celebrated any and every opportunity to crucify the right for its clearly stated assertions.

Anyway this got me thinking, consistent with AGC’s use of the Democrats’ “THAT’S RACIST!” line: I wonder where he stood on Thad Cochran’s campaign calling the tea party “RACIST!” in the MS 2014 Senate race. Could it be that AGC, like so many others in his clique, was perfectly fine with that — but today finds his delicate sensibilities offended by Trump not being *gasp* more clear in his statements? So I checked, and of course, there it was…


Chuck Johnson was someone outside of the insiders-only conservative clique and he forcefully called out the Cochran campaign’s unscrupulous attacks on the tea party. For doing so, Johnson became the go-to whipping boy for those like AGC who had no problem with the establishment GOP using this disgusting Democrat tactic.

Naturally I had to call AGC out for this, and so I did…


And the reason his tweet isn’t visible in mine (“This Tweet is unavailable”) is because he blocked me immediately after I sent it…


Good, indeed.

It’s always fun to see the clicks-for-cliques conservative crowd realize that their blindly ferocious Trump derangement syndrome — which more than anything else is built on intellectual dishonesty and stems from intellectual insecurity — has neither the efficacy nor staying power that they’d hoped. And it’s always important to call them out and highlight when that happens.

Am I against some good old-fashioned debate? Do I think it’s impossible to simply not like Trump? No, and no. But again, most of our amplified conservative media — particularly this snobby clique of groupthinkers within which AGC has more than ‘earned’ his stripes — come to do good, stay to do well and end up doing very little to actually advance Liberty. They’re furious that someone like Trump who they feel lacks their intellectual prowess dare compete without their permission, let alone win and make them all look silly as they beg and plead with their faithful to reject Trump’s candidacy. So the opposition asserted by AGC and those like him is less about good healthy debate, and more about their own fragile egos…which is ironic, because I’m pretty sure they legitimately get aroused anytime someone says Trump has a fragile ego.

Finally, in the midst of his coming face-to-face with Malkin’s rejection of his groupthink and assertion of her individuality — @AG_Conservative shared an incredibly lazy line of questioning that he apparently thought was brilliant. He said no one could or would answer it. So I answered it, and asked him a question in return. He’s now blocked me but if you’re on Twitter and inclined, feel free to click here and remind him that his supposedly brilliant question has been answered — and there’s a question waiting for him, in return.


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