America’s Values

Democrats in 2015 love to talk about “values.”

Individual values? Lord no.

Family values? Get real. “Community” is the new family, as far as Democrats are concerned.

No…the ‘values’ Democrats love to talk about are those they claim we share uniformly as a nation.

They say we need to make sure everyone has an insurance policy because “It’s the right thing to do and Jesus would agree!”

They say we need to give illegal immigrants amnesty because “It’s who we are as a compassionate nation and the Pope says we should!”

And of course, more recently, they’ll say we need to take in Syrian refugees because…you guessed it…”Our values.”

They get away with this because it sounds nice, and who in their right mind would want to argue with it? Instead of pushing back, our response usually sounds like this…

Hey President Obama just said we as a nation are compassionate and giving. That sounds pretty good to me! But I mean I still disagree with him on this particular issue and by the way Republicans give more to charity and we’re the ones who don’t hate God and blah blah freaking blah.

Here’s a quick ProTip for the establishment GOP and our most amplified, conservative messengers: Let’s avoid getting in to p*ssing matches with socialists about who can be more giving.

The truth is, when Democrats insist that ‘charity’ and ‘compassion’ — effectively welfare — are core US values, they’re not only wrong…but they’re actually citing the antithesis of true US value.

And we just stand there and let them say it.

The foremost, core, fundamental value in the US is “Liberty.” Liberty is effectively free will, so long as you don’t infringe on others’ rights while asserting your own. Liberty is being your own leader not because of the government, or thanks to the government, or with some help or nudging from the government — but despite the government. Despite the government. This is what enabled so much exceptionalism in our nation, and it’s time we start taking the left to task on that reality.

Let’s stop talking about how exceptional we are, and start talking about what enabled that exceptionalism. Let’s talk about the origin of American exceptionalism. It’s an important conversation that no one is having, and with the left increasingly pushing their entirely fabricated narrative that government-mandated charity and welfare is what made America great — the time is now for Liberty-loving conservatives to start-and-finish that conversation.

It’s bad enough that after 50 years of them shouting “STOP IMPOSING YOUR MORALITY ON ME!” — the left is now lecturing the right about how to be moral. But it’s far worse that we seem to be willingly letting them get away with that, because in doing so we’re letting a few very bad things happen…

  • They’re re-writing our history as they insist government-mandated charity and morality are at the heart of our founding, exceptionalism and identity.
  • They’re mitigating the importance of individuals asserting morality and charity as they promise the government will do it for all of us.
  • They’re disappearing entirely individual liberty which is A) Truly what separates our nation from all others, B) What enabled our exceptionalism and C) what’s most responsible for the actual charity and morality — the kind that’s not forced by the government — we as individuals are otherwise inclined to assert voluntarily.

So no, President Obama: Bringing in homeless adults with 1st grade educations and providing for their every need — primarily so that you can exploit and segregate them by their disparities, ultimately making them lifelong Democrat voters — is not what makes America great, nor is it our core value. You’re thinking of a church. America, on the other hand, is a nation — and while it is a good and moral one, the more you and your leftist friends try to “help”…the less of a good and moral nation we are.

Here is a related piece citing why Democrats want Syrian refugees in the US.


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