We Trust Syrians; It’s Democrats We Don’t

Having blogged and tweeted ferociously about this over the last several days, the fire is tempered and I can be a little more clear…

I trust the Syrian refugees just fine.

It’s the Democrats who so desperately want them here, that I do not trust.

There is no good reason not to set up “safe zones” in Syria where the refugees can find refuge. The only reason the Democrats want them here is because they know they will be dependent on the government, and thus will net yet another crop of Democrat voters.

This is the exact same reason the Democrats want amnesty for illegal immigrants. Where there is disparity there is government dependence, and where there is government dependence there are Democrat voters.

“Wow! Those Democrats sound like some pretty swell people! Right? They really help a lot of people in need! Right?”

They’d certainly like to think so! And most among their base believe that.

In reality however, the Democrats — with near exclusivity, mind you — only perpetuate the very disparity they purport to combat. And they do the exact same thing as it relates to identity-based division — race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc — as they claim to combat bigotries, but do so by celebrating division and ultimately encouraging more of it.

Of course the Democrat base and those they claim to care about all think something wonderful is afoot amid the left’s “help.” They truly believe what they’re doing is good, as do the Democrat power-brokers who know that they’re creating massive destruction. The base believes what they’re doing is good because, of course, “Giving is good!” (That responsible adults don’t run their lives, households or businesses on that premise alone and obviously nor should our government, somehow escapes them entirely.) The power-brokers believe what they’re doing is good because their goal is a much larger government that can more equitably redistribute resources, and the destruction they create today so that they can get voters to help them amass power is — in their view — a small price to pay for the perceived “greater good” they believe they’ll create tomorrow.

Ultimately, the Democrats don’t care about the Syrian refugees as individuals. The Democrats only care about the Syrian refugees as fertile bodies that will create more Democrat voters tomorrow.

We can help the Syrian refugees and in fact must if we’re truly defeat ISIS where it counts: On ISIS’ own home turf. But to do this, rather than ship them all here to abandon their own homeland we must help them much more effectively by setting up “safe zones” in Syria for those refugees to wait while we capture and kill every ISIS member and supporter by fighting the good fight scorching the sh*t out of that entire piece of earth.

So let’s all be honest in this conversation: The Democrats don’t care about humanity as it relates to the Syrian refugees. Weeks ago they said deporting illegal immigrants would be a logistical nightmare if not outright impossible. Now they say importing people and running thorough background checks in the face of well-funded terror that can easily forge the slips of paper these refugees may (or may not) have, is no big deal? The Democrats simply want more Democrat voters and if they can import them from other nations and set them up in — oh I don’t know — bright red states, they’ll gladly do it. And as is always the case with Democrats, they’ll do it under the guise of “Morality” because that’s just the kind of swell people they are.

You don’t get to scream “STOP IMPOSING YOUR MORALITY ON ME!” and celebrate President Obama proudly declaring “WE ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION!” and then turn around and say we have to do things based on your synthetic claim of ‘morality’ or what you perceive to be ‘our values.’ The only morality our nation needs exists symbiotically with Liberty. Beyond that, our laws are not about imposing morality. Our laws are about protecting individual rights. And with every new synthetic dose of leftist-inspired “morality” foist on our nation, the most core of those individual rights — namely individual liberty — are eroded.

Set up a safe zone in Syria, and go destroy ISIS. Anyone who opposes that, isn’t serious about helping the Syrian people or defeating ISIS.

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