Obama Lets ISIS Win

Hard Reality

Thanks to leftist sympathy bigots who insist on lowering the bar for brown people and dismissing entirely our nation’s borders-based sovereignty, ISIS could very easily launch a coordinated attack today in the US if they wanted to. They are already here and everyone knows it. The only reason they don’t launch that coordinated attack is because they’re not yet strong enough globally to sustain the response to it. And so they’re busy growing their caliphate with respect to resources, personnel and geo-positioning…and Obama is gladly and purposefully letting them do just that. Because he’s a Muslim who wants the US destroyed? No. (He does want the US destroyed, but not in the same way the Jihadists do.)

Obama Lets ISIS Win Because…

Obama’s religion isn’t Islam or Christianity. Obama’s religion is Redistribution, which is why “poor” Islam constantly merits his adoration and absolution — while “rich” Christianity constantly merits his scorn and blame. He thus believes ISIS is justified in it’s grievance, even if he disagrees with the their chosen means to mitigate that grievance as well as it’s origin. (“My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”)

Obama wrongly believes, as do far too many non-Muslims, that the majority of the Muslim world quietly sides with the Jihadists — because he believes that the majority of the Muslim world feels they are perpetually aggrieved by the very rich who don’t share enough of their wealth with the rest. Beholden foremost to his religion of Redistribution, Islam will always be a victim in President Obama’s eyes — and Jihadists are simply the manifestation of that victimization having reached a boiling point that Obama understands and empathizes with. He has not done anything to stop these monsters and he will not, and any chance he gets to stay out of their way — he’ll take.

He doesn’t want to help them convert people. God no. Organized religion of any type, to Obama, is the enemy. But he wants to help them continue threatening the world while he, and his leftists allies, work to correct the “economic injustice” that they believe should be at the heart of the Jihadist ferocity.

The Syrian Refugees & Obama

Obama doesn’t care one bit about the Syrian “refugees.” He mistakes the cancer of entitlement for a cure, and the bigotry of low expectations as necessary for ‘equality’ — and he insists on spreading both every chance he gets. This is why he insists that the US accept more flat-broke people with 1st grade educations in to the US by the millions. And if a few blood-thirsty members of ISIS happen to come with the Syrian Refugees, well, that’s a cost that’s easily consumed by the many benefits Obama sees to padding the left’s strength with more automatic Democrat voters.

(“They can’t vote!” the strawman-loving leftist might say. True. But in the relative blink of an eye their kids will be able to, and the more kids they have, the more welfare they get…which is why you see so many poor Hispanic immigrants walking around with 8 US-born kids.)

And to help ISIS win and expedite our losing the US we know once and for all, Obama is also purposefully weakening our military. As we’ve seen repeatedly, whatever US government arm or agency Barack Obama can’t politicize (eg IRS or DOJ) — he demoralizes (eg cops & military). So he wants the US military to focus more on inclusion for transgendered peoples while getting pink slips on the battle field, and less on being inspired to protect America and take pride in their having always done so. He has stacked our military ranks with rabid leftists who share his wildly wrong beliefs, and we thus get the Bradley Mannings and Bowe Bergdahls who are quietly touted behind-the-scenes by leftists as the truly brave among the US military.

The Syrian Refugees & Democrat SJWs

Aren’t you the exact same Democrats and leftists who insisted just a few days ago that it’s impossible for the US to round people up and deport them? Now, suddenly, you think it’s perfectly viable for us to run thorough background checks on 100K people from third worlds that barely have running water let alone anything close to reliable databases?

Aren’t you the exact same Democrats and leftists who insisted just a few days ago that the US founders were horrible people, and that our nation’s Second Amendment was horribly ill-conceived and should be stripped? Now, suddenly, you insist that our nation welcome refugees from around the world because they a) live under tyranny and b) are unarmed and thus can’t fight their own battles?

Your tremendous displays of both hypocrisy and idiocy have never been on greater display than they are right now. And spare me the “Well you call yourself a Christian?! What about your hypocrisy?!” argument. Foremost in my Christian faith is understanding that ‘free will’ is a gift. Try as you must to co-opt my faith but I do not and will not subscribe to your insistence that Jesus would much prefer morality and charity be mandated via entirely corruptible, coordinated government largess — rather than happened upon by individuals voluntarily.


At every turn on every issue, Barack Obama fails the US wildly. And he does so purposefully. And he says he’s succeeding. And this is what ‘audacity’ means to him. This transracial child of privilege whose mother was a porn star for communists, knows only inner-conflict and grievance. He was raised by leftists who insisted he focus constantly on his skin color and after leaving the tropical paradise of privilege wherein he was born, went full on “Black power!” as if he’d live it his entire life. And yes he truly believes what he’s doing is morally good, but he’s wildly wrong and needs to be called out for it before more people get killed both literally by the terrorists he enables (from ISIS to #BlackLivesMatter) and figuratively as he demands individual Liberty be replaced by segregation that assumes perpetual grievance.

Moreover, simply being born entitles people to nothing. After decades of shouting “STOP IMPOSING MORALITY!” and insisting “WE’RE NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION!”…you leftists have coyly inserted morality-based entitlement as a foregone conclusion for any and every person on earth. No, being born does not entitle someone to a doctor’s time, a hospital’s resources, or their neighbors paying for both. And no…being born does not entitle people from all over the world to find “refuge” in the United States.

And that includes the Syrian Refugees — along with the blood-thirsty religious psychopaths they allowed to take over their own nation. And if “good” Syrian refugees so outnumber the bad ones, as you leftists insist…then let them clean up their own backyard instead of running from the problem they stood by and let become everyone’s terror.

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