All Muslim Activists Are Douchebags

The attacks in Paris shook much of the world to the core. Typically when these attacks occur, we hear about a single act of terror in it’s aftermath. Instead, this time, Islamic extremists had coordinated multiple attacks in a single city to be staged simultaneously — and they were still “executing hostages one-by-one” when the news stations cut to the story.

It was and remains a chilling reminder of just how real and imminent the threat of Islamic extremism is.

Enter the so-called mainstream, peace-loving Muslims who allegedly speak for the entire religion…

What in the name of all that’s Holy is wrong with you people?!

Very few people truly believe that “all Muslims” all terrorists. But those who do can be forgiven based exclusively on your own response to these types of terrorist attacks.

Virtually every time an Islamic extremist commits an act of terror, the self-proclaimed mainstream Muslim community on social media immediately starts playing the victim. These people should be on the front lines fighting the murderers who exploit Islam to commit atrocities against humanity — but instead they’re on Twitter telling you to shut up.

Well-intended but wildly wrong mainstream Muslim “activists” — no one cares about your delicate sensibilities. Frankly, the world is getting tired of everyone’s delicate sensibilities — “triggers,” “safe spaces,” “microaggressions,” etc — but you pushing yours in the immediate aftermath of a horrific attack like the world witnessed in Paris is absolutely repulsive.

The worst part — and I know some won’t believe me, which I’m inclined to forgive even more readily now — but the worst part is that these spirited Muslim “activists” in social media and elsewhere are not representative of the larger Muslim community, any more than the Muslim terrorists are. These Muslim activists — just like too many black people, and Hispanic people, and women, and LGBT and others — have enthusiastically embraced the left’s promise that they are victims and that their victimization is ubiquitous. It’s yet more evidence of the left’s penchant for creating the very division, disparity and destruction they purport to combat — as they lie to anyone they can segregate with their “You’re a victim!” claim, and invite those people to trade in their liberty and individuality in exchange for staged, synthetic activism and the paralysis of entirely regressive groupthink.

I drink, smoke, swear and pray with mainstream Muslims. I’m a Christian and a thoughtful, committed one at that — but my truly mainstream Muslim friends are disgusted by both the terrorists who act in the name of Islam and the “activists” who absolve those terrorists by making themselves the victims whenever terror strikes. You Muslim “activists” who make this about you every time, and deflect blame away from those who exploit your religion to kill, are giving the entire religion a bad name — and you’re doing it more effectively than the terrorists who exploit your religion, because you claim to be the voice of reason among your religion.

The simple reality is that until all peace-loving Muslims are more offended by murderers who exploit Islam than they are by non-Muslims who experience fear in the wake of that murder — so-called “Islamophobia” is and will remain entirely credible.

Again, very few people think “all Muslims” are terrorists. In fact, it’s not unreasonable to guess that there are more Muslims who believe all Jews and Christians are murderers, than there are non-Muslims who believe all Muslims are terrorists. But less than 24 hours after a horrific attack perpetrated by Islamic extremists, you have #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist trending at the top spot on Twitter.


You’re not the victim today, and you weren’t a victim yesterday or the day before that. You’re wrongly told you are victims by those like Barack Obama and other leftists to whom “Redistribution” is their foremost religion and thus they pity “poor” Islam and scorn “rich” Christianity. But you’re not a victim, and yes — in 2015 — in modern times, generally — Islam is the religion of terror. In the past it was Christianity. In the future it may be Buddhism! Who knows. But in our lifetime it’s your religion that’s been hijacked by killers and you should be on the front lines fighting them instead of giving every non-Muslim on the planet a legitimate reason to actually hate you.

Clickbait confession: No, “All” Muslim activists aren’t douchebags. But those whose first inclination after an Islamist terror attack is to emphatically insist #TerrorismHasNoReligion and/or #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist, absolutely are. Those who are more offended about what you might think of them, than they are by the murderers who exploit Islam to commit terror, are — uniformly — douchebags. To put it more simply, if you’re a Muslim activist who knows what SJW stands for and counts yourself among them — you’re a douchebag.

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