Trump Is Correct On Immigration

The US is a nation of laws with a border. If you cross that border illegally then, in accordance with those laws, you will be deported. It’s not racist. It’s not hateful. It’s common sense and necessary to maintain order and sovereignty.

The problem with giving “pathways” or other forms of amnesty is that it sets the precedent that if you come to our nation illegally, all you have to do is stick around a while and all will be forgiven. This is unacceptable.

Even if we don’t deport the 40,000,000 11,000,000 who are here illegally — it’s still outstanding that Donald Trump is saying that’s what he’ll do. It’s long past time we as a nation show some backbone and stop being a doormat of political correctness and fear. When we behave this way the rest of the world is all too happy to come here and exploit our generous welfare and benefits programs. And you can show me all the pictures of sympathetic-looking mothers with their kids that you want. I’ve seen the reality with my own eyes and it goes something like this…

When we let people come to our nation illegally, the precedent is set that they should continue trying to scam our nation. There is not a single illegal immigrant in the US who is not actively defrauding our nation. They work but don’t declare income and then collect food stamps that their US-born children are eligible for.

Of course I hear the pro-amnesty crowd already: “Well that’s why we have to get them out of the shadows, so they can report income!” Spare me. They’ll never end up paying a dime of income tax and will continue defrauding our benefits programs because that’s what you taught them to do ever since they arrived here. You didn’t teach them to assimilate. You didn’t impress upon them the value of being good, patriotic, law-abiding citizens as is the case among those who immigrate legally. You taught them to scam and scheme. You took otherwise good, hard-working, honest people and made criminals out of them. I didn’t do that. Donald Trump didn’t do that. Ted Cruz didn’t do that. You did that, Democrats & liberals. As is always the case, the more you try to “help”…the more you end up hurting everyone involved.

While my wife and I have waited until our 30s to have 2-3 kids so that we can provide for them responsibly, illegal immigrants have as many kids as possible as quickly as possible because it’s lucrative.

This is not okay.

And it’s not because illegal immigrants are bad people. As noted many times before on these pages, they were seduced to the US by historically-consistent, bigoted Democrats in a benefits-for-votes scheme.

We are teaching illegal immigrants bad behavior. We are aggressively embedding in them not a sense of liberty, but the antithesis of liberty: Entitlement.

Do I really think we’re going to throw families of 10+ in the back of vans and deport them? Probably not. But I’m perfectly fine with Mr. Trump and anyone else who has some clout threatening to do so.

What’s the alternative? That’s a question for Jeb Bush, John Kasich and the rest of the establishment GOP — along with the entire left, and the mainstream media who actively pushes the left’s agenda. What’s the alternative? We give everyone a pass this time but then say from now on if you come illegally you’ll be deported? So we let 40,000,000 11,000,000 people stay on the premise that breaking our laws and defrauding our nation and taxpayers is okay, and that entitlement is far more effective than liberty — and we expect that to be a good thing for our nation? We teach them that US taxpayers will gladly for their food, as long as they pop out enough kids to justify a cart full of groceries. And we expect that to incite liberty or assimilation to our culture? To our way of life?

They mock us. We’re a joke to them. You leftists and your bleeding hearts are their punchlines. And that’s a real shame because before you got your “helping” hands on them, they had real potential to be much better additions to our nation. But you raised them to be scammers and to laugh at our generosity.

You corrupted any semblance of actual individual liberty they should have come to know, and crippled them with an entitlement to lawlessness. And worst of all, you did it all based on their ethnicity…

The United States of America must not be expected to apologize for enforcing it’s laws, including and especially our immigration laws.

We have borders. We have a legal immigration system. If you cross our border illegally, you are not allowed to stay.

And if you don’t like it, then candidly…GTFO. You’ll be doing us all a favor.

I am pro-immigration and have spent my career helping hard-working adults from 3rd world nations immigrate here legally so that they can be productive members of our society. I’ve seen their families sacrifice so much so that these individuals can be here legally. Can we streamline our immigration system? Sure. But 1) Democrats and the establishment GOP must not be rewarded for having let the problem get this bad, 2) Legal immigrants and US citizens ought not be punished by letting them stay, and 3) Illegal immigrants ought not be dealt the liberty-crushing blow of thinking they’re entitled to anything in the US and that what applies to everyone else does not apply to them.

Trump is right and it’s about time someone like him who has the platform to actually make a difference, stood up and showed the courage to do so. Enforcing our immigration laws is not hateful. It’s common sense as duly codified by the US Congress and government. And failing to enforce our immigration laws is stupid, bigoted or some regressive and destructive combination of both.

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