#BlackOnCampus; Well-Intended But Wildly Wrong

Many on the perpetually-aggrieved left insist that the prosperity and power amassed across the USA today, is the result of slavery. They insist that slavery, primarily if not exclusively, is at the heart of the “exceptionalism” many of us celebrate as it relates to our nation.

This is wrong, as evidenced by one simple reality: If slavery is what made America such a rich, powerful and dominant nation — then African nations where slavery thrives still today would be superpowers.

As noted in an earlier post called “American Exceptionalism“…

What enabled American Exceptionalism has nothing to do with America or Americans, and everything to do with a founding and sustained principle that our nation would allow individuals to empower themselves despite — DESPITE — a still necessary government. Not by that government, because of or thanks to it…but despite it.

Many black Americans, particularly the younger generations, have been led wildly astray by the institutional left and Democrat party. It’s a very complicated problem for those of us who see and understand the folly of their ways, because virtually everyone involved in this conversation is coming at it from a place of good intentions.

Young black activists who believe explicit and implicit racism lurks around every corner, truly believe that’s the case. They’re not simply looking for an easy way out or excuse. They actually believe this is reality. And since perception, more than anything else, is in fact ‘reality’…then of course it becomes their reality. It’s all they know, and they’re not making it up. To them, you wearing a white shirt or liking a rap song, or failing to heap pity on them when SJW liberals demand it on their behalf, is you acting out your deeply-rooted racism that’s allegedly buried in your subconscious. This is not a game for them. It’s a sincerely held belief.

Lofty white liberals who push that lie and tell them they’re 100% correct, truly believe they’re doing something good. They honestly believe that there must be “institutional racism” everywhere, because “How else can you explain the disparity that so many Americans who happen to be black endure across virtually every metric? It must be ubiquitous racism and it’s likely those evil Republicans!” (Of course in the very next sentence they say it’s racist to ask for ID because the person you ask might be black, and black people ought not be expected to get and/or keep an ID. I’m not saying these lofty liberals are the brightest bulbs of the bunch, just that they’re not evil.)

Power brokers at the top of the Democrat party who know they’re peddling lies but celebrate and persist in doing so regardless, truly do believe that once they can make the government bigger and the individual smaller — they’ll be able to manufacture a more equitable and just society. They honestly believe that the ends justify the means in their pursuit for a socialist, government-mandated utopia…despite the division, disparity and destruction they must create along the way to achieve their desired end.

From the allegedly aggrieved, to the activists & coordinated institutional left and all the way up to the power brokers atop the Democrat party…every one of them truly believes what they’re feeling is right, and what they’re doing is good.

They are however, across the board, wildly wrong.

The Americans who happen to be black and believe racism lurks around every corner “institutionally” and/or “systemically,” fail to realize that they and their ilk are the only ones left in America who actually still care about color. They fail to realize that if they and the white liberals who support them didn’t demand a laser focus on skin color 24×7 from coast-to-coast, then we would in fact be a post racial society but for those racists of all stripes who are uniformly scorned and marginalized to the fringes.

The white liberals who demand we heap perpetual pity on black and brown people while issuing a level of self-scorn due to “Whiteness,” can’t seem to grasp that a full 50 years after MLK’s “Dream” speech it’s regressive of these so-called ‘progressives’ to demand we place more importance on color than on character. They simply can’t grasp that what they think is ’empathy’ is actually a form of bigoted sympathy for any whose experiences are diverse from their own. Moreover, they entirely dismiss the Democrat power-brokers’ commitment to destroying the family, and the role that plays in perpetuating disparity among black individuals and families. Broken homes are the single greatest driver of disparity and this is proven empirically. Americans who happen to be black overwhelmingly come from and create broken homes. (Sadly, it’s not by accident but by design of the Democrat party.) This isn’t very complex stuff, but the white liberals who support and celebrate the young black activists simply refuse to even consider it let alone accept it. Anything short of a blanket admission that “We’re all racists!” is considered, by them, to be racist in and of itself.

And finally we come to the Democrat power-brokers who truly believe the division, disparity and destruction they create in America is good. They believe it’s good because they know it expedites empowering the government and weakening the individual, which is their ultimate goal. It’s not their goal because they’re evil. It’s not their goal because they’re horrible people who hate freedom. It’s their goal because they believe the vast majority of individuals simply can’t compete or be happy without their help, and that the most capable and powerful among us will surely destroy and exploit any who are below them. Again, they are well-intended but wildly wrong — and the best evidence of this is America, where in a few short centuries, under the evolutionary guidance of the US Constitution — we’ve created more wealth, prosperity and opportunity than all other nations before us combined.

The black activists who have been taught that self-segregation is good and that grievance will always be of greater significance than liberty, the white liberals who perpetuate that lie and pat themselves on the back for doing so, and the Democrat/leftist power-brokers who aggressively push all of this amid their wrong-headed contention that freedom and liberty simply aren’t enough — are well-intended but wildly wrong and we must find a way to communicate this to our recreationally-engaged electorate without defaulting to demonization.

I’m working on it.


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