Anti-Trump Conservatives Lie & Lose Again

The pro-Trump movement has consistently gained momentum for months. Every professional pundit in existence has at one point or another declared it “over,” and every one has been forced to later walk that back and admit they were wrong. The supposedly “best and brightest” among the conservative movement contort in confusion trying to unpack and understand Mr. Trump’s meteoric and sustained dominance over the rest of the GOP Presidential field.

The most egregious and unfortunate claim is that Mr. Trump is only doing well because he appeals to “RACISTS!” Having already written an entire piece outlining the regression incited by conservatives who shout “RACISM!” where none exists (primarily for political expedience, just as Democrats have for decades) — I’ll simplify my retort for those desperately flailing conservatives, here: Anyone who thinks it’s racist to uphold and enforce our immigration laws, is an idiot (looking at you, anti-Trump GOP) — and anyone who thinks certain ethnicities must have the bar lowered and be given a pass for breaking our immigration laws, is a bigot (looking at you, anti-Trump Democrats).  Mr. Trump promises to enforce and uphold our immigration laws, including — in accordance with those laws — deporting those who broke them. That the sliver of justly-marginalized white supremacists who still exist in the US want to rid our nation of all brown people and thus support that aspect of legal immigration enforcement, doesn’t mean Mr. Trump or his supporters are racists.

That’s me being intellectually honest, in response to the intellectual dishonesty asserted by those who oppose Mr. Trump’s candidacy. And this brings us to an important point that more accurately explains Trump’s success-to-date…

Everyone knows honesty is the best policy. Donald Trump has done well because whatever his other policies may be, he’s made honesty his foremost policy — thereby satiating the appetite of an electorate that’s been starved for it.

That the establishment GOP fears Mr. Trump is no surprise. It’s the panting, anti-Trump opposition of those amplified voices in conservative new media that most confound me. Granted I’ve been on the receiving end of Trump’s diehard supporters’ scorn, and it’s not pretty. I’ve noted in the past that ‘blindfolds & pitchforks’ too often come to mind, but that their anger and enthusiasm are both understandable. Increasingly however it’s clear that those on the right who oppose Mr. Trump do so with the same blind ferocity of the Trump supporters they lament. That is to say, it appears there’s absolutely nothing Mr. Trump can say or do that will ever earn him support or even consideration from the “smart set” of amplified voices who write at the dozens of conservative blogs aimed at preaching to already-faithful choirs.

The amplified voices in conservative new media are blinded by their hatred for Mr. Trump, and this may be the result of Trump’s supporters damaging their delicate egos by not listening to them as so many have for so long without question or qualification.

There’s no better example than the most recent one.

Last night (Sunday, November 8th, 2015) I watched my conservative-leaning, mostly “Anyone but Trump” Twitter feed light up with stories about how Jesse Ventura — the former pro wrestler turned Minnesota Governor turned certifiably psychotic nutjob — has expressed support for Mr. Trump.

The amplified, anti-Trump voices in the conservative movement couldn’t wait to share the news on Twitter.

They made the claim…




They made the memes…


They even found examples of Trump supporters celebrating Ventura and his endorsement of Mr. Trump…



There was just one problem: The entire thing was a total fabrication. As it turned out, Ventura’s comments with respect to Mr. Trump could better be described as Ventura attacking Trump in defense of Bernie Sanders.

And not only that, but the supposed “Trump supporter” they used as an example wasn’t even a Trump supporter, as I pointed out (prior to realizing that their entire claim about Ventura endorsing Trump was itself completely fabricated)…


If you know Twitter, you know visibility (ie amplification) is everything. You’ll notice that the tweets of the amplified voices I captured above combine for hundreds of retweets and favorites. My correcting them, on the other hand, got zero retweets because I don’t have the amplified platform that they do. In the end their lies are heard and believed, while the truth/reality goes entirely unnoticed.

It’s unfortunate and destructive to our movement, and merits recapping everything since Adam and Eve on Trump’s emergence…

  • For decades, the establishment GOP fails the conservative movement-for-liberty badly.
  • ‘New media’ emerges in tandem with the rise of the internet and digital age.
  • They begin fighting for conservatism in ways the establishment GOP couldn’t or wouldn’t, and their voices become amplified for having done so.
  • They get rich, fat and happy — but conservatism continues losing in the national conversation on everything except the 2nd amendment. Even when we win elections, still nothing changes, because we lose the national conversation and thus take nothing more than paper-thin mandates with us to DC.
  • Still, that new media presence grows among the conservative movement — perfecting the art of preaching to already-faithful choirs in what becomes their foremost pursuit of elevating themselves and each other rather than actually advancing liberty.
  • Trump comes on the scene and asserts unapologetic and unafraid honesty as his foremost policy.
  • He becomes the GOP’s clear front-runner for the 2016 Presidential nomination.
  • Supporters from every voting bloc across every political spectrum stand up and cheer.
  • The establishment GOP and amplified voices in conservative new media and elsewhere are offended by Trump’s meteoric rise, which he’s achieved without their permission or endorsement(s).
  • They push back on the Trump candidacy, certain they can re-direct traffic back to the flows they’ve become both accustomed and entitled to.
  • Trump’s supporters laugh at them, ultimately bruising their delicate egos and highlighting the reality that their hay day of profiteering off conservative activism may become far less pronounced in the future.
  • The establishment GOP backs off a bit, but the “Anyone but Trump” conservative new media can’t do that because they’ve drawn their united line in the sand and now have nowhere else to go…
  • …and so they become as blindly ferocious in their opposition to Trump as they insist — at times correctly — Trump’s supporters often are in their enthusiasm for his candidacy.

If you’re watching it objectively, it’s interesting to see play out. But it’s also unfortunate because if you are objective, then you likely appreciate at least some of what that amplified conservative new media has done in the past — and also what Mr. Trump is doing in the present.

Ultimately, Mr. Trump is in the right here. He is being unfairly dismissed by amplified voices in the conservative new media world and movement with every attack they can muster, no matter how destructive to our enterprise cause and no matter how untrue those attacks may be. However, Mr. Trump’s political success is built on honesty winning out in the end — and I believe that will be the case with respect to his attackers on the right, as well.

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