Hispanic Advocacy = Hispanic Supremacy

Today I stumbled on an article at The Hill written by Mark David Hensch that references a “Hispanic advocacy group.” Reading this netted a question I’d like for Mark and others to think about.

What separates a “Hispanic advocacy group” from a “White supremacy group”…?

Having had this conversation with several people in the grassroots, I can note proactively that “Hispanic advocacy” is different from celebrations of Irish, Mexican, German, Italian etc heritages because those manifest from nationalities and are easily considered a form of patriotism.

But “Hispanic advocacy” is different.

“Hispanic advocacy” is the celebration of a single ethnicity, which one might generously call “bigoted” but in fact aligns more accurately with outright ethnic supremacy.

There are groups all over our nation that proudly engage in racial and ethnic supremacy, and it’s time we start speaking about this honestly and clearly. Too many, primarily among Democrats to include media outlets like The Hill which exist among the institutional left, not only tolerate this modern race and ethnicity-based supremacy — but they actually celebrate it.

Ultimately, if you’re too stupid or afraid to call out bigotry and racism in all of it’s forms — even when it’s a brown person who is engaged in it — then you cede the right to lament the division, disparity and ultimately destruction that’s growing exponentially in the US as instructed by alleged “progressives.”

So, Mark Hensch, help me understand. Explain to our nation the difference between a “Hispanic advocacy group” that advocates for and seeks to advance individuals based solely on their ethnicity, and a “White supremacist group” that advocates for and seeks to advance individuals based solely on their race. And if you somehow stumble on an answer that you legitimately think justifies this celebrated segregation and implied supremacy because one is “ethnic” and the other is “race-based”…then consider today’s NAACP along with the Congressional Black Caucus, and answer the same question.

And don’t default to the group for an answer. You wrote it. This is how you described them and even if they describe themselves that way, you accepted it without the merit of journalistic curiosity and/or integrity. My intent is not to shame or embarrass you and you’re far from alone in promoting this celebrated segregation and supremacy, so I apologize for singling you out. But yours is the piece I landed on today, and this piece — the one you’re reading now — has been a long-time coming. My real hope is that you and others with amplified platforms will engage in some introspection and, ideally, grow a bit so that the US as a whole may be absolved the stunting that the GOP has fought against and helped our nation to overcome so many times before in our history.

It’s time our nation evolve yet again and unless those who are truly committed to progress, unity, equality, justice and liberty for all start speaking clearly and honestly about this — we can be certain the divisions that are destroying us today finish the job completely tomorrow.


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