Trump (Never Stopped) Surging

I’m sitting here watching everyone on MSNBC stunned — just absolutely stunned — that Donald Trump continues to surge. They’re mostly surprised because they, like the rest of the media, spent the last few weeks drifting safely back to their comfort zone on the contention that Carson would now outpace Trump, and eventually the GOP nomination would land where it’s supposed to: Somewhere among the establishment GOP.

All would be right in the world. The people would not revolt with their votes, Trump would not make them all look like the lying idiots they typically are, and their jobs along with the jobs of virtually every one of their friends in the industry that is political action and advocacy — from DC, to media, to the entirely useless political non-profits — would all be safe.

Sorry Michael Steele and Joe Scarborough.

Sorry Stuart Stevens and Brad Dayspring.

Sorry Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

#SorryNotSorry, that is.

In the NBC/WSJ poll taken before and after the October 28th CNBC debate, primary voters were asked who had the best chance in the general election: Trump 32% (winner!) — Carson 25% — Rubio 12% — Bush 8% — Cruz 6%. (Carson did get a bump and is at 29% to Trump’s 23% on voters’ personal choice, but Trump remains the most electable per voters’ views. And who do voters rally to as the pool thins? The most electable. And this concludes the only ‘not great’ news for Trump.)

In a Morning Consult poll taken after the 10/28/15 CNBC GOP debate, the numbers for Trump are even better: Trump 31% (winner!) — Carson 21% — Cruz 9% — Bush 7% — Rubio 7%.

In a Monmouth University poll also taken after the 10/28/15 CNBC GOP debate, Trump continues to crush everyone else in the New Hampshire primary: Trump 26% (winner!) — Carson 16% — Rubio 13% — Kasich 11% — Cruz 9%. (It should be noted that Kasich has invested every ounce of his time and money in New Hampshire, which explains his — for once — registering somewhere in the top 5 of a poll.)

In the Viewpoint Florida poll taken after the 10/28/15 CNBC GOP debate, Trump crushes everyone among likely primary voters in Florida: Trump 27% (winner!) — Rubio 16% — Carson 15% — Cruz 12% — Bush 12%.

And of course in Iowa, a Public Policy Polling result shows Trump still on top after the 10/28/15 debate: Trump 22% (winner!) — Carson 21% — Cruz 14% — Rubio 10% — Jindal & Huckabee both at 6%.

So Scarborough — who isn’t a terrible guy, but is entirely entrenched in “the way things always have been” — asks Michael Steele to explain why Trump continues doing so well, even though they were all certain that this time they’d be right, and he’d eventually fade. Steele’s answer…

The establishment GOP candidates “still don’t have the traction because they’re still not speaking to the core concerns that the base has.”

Steele’s answer is laughable because it’s what he hopes is the problem for his inbred, establishment ilk…instead of what is the problem. In reality, voters can’t stand the establishment GOP and even if they were “speaking to the core concerns that the base has”…no one in the base would believe them!

I said it before time and time and time again, and will say it again…

Donald Trump is surging because of all the policies he’s adopted, he made honesty his foremost policy — and voters on both sides of the aisle are starved for that.

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