GOP No Habla Telemundo

To hear the “experts” talk about it, the GOP not having a debate on Telemundo is the last nail in the Republican party’s coffin. Democrat “strategists” are dancing in the streets over the news, while GOP “consultants” are squirming in their seats trying to understand why — after 5 decades of them giving us horrible advice that’s only guaranteed we continue losing the national conversation — no one will listen to them.

I need to be clear about something that, unfortunately, no one else is yet able or willing to grasp…

The single greatest failure of today’s GOP is the unwillingness to expressly reject voter segregation and profiling by race and ethnicity. That we not only tolerate but often celebrate winning “Hispanic voters” or “white voters’ or “black voters,” should be an assault on the national conscience. That historically-consistent Democrats do this is expected, but having led every meaningful civil rights movement in our nation’s history — the GOP is long overdue in rejecting this divisive and destructive practice.

In 2015 — with division, disparity and ultimately destruction all rampantly crushing our nation — it’s time for another GOP-led civil rights movement for unity that will be enacted culturally more so than legislatively. It’s time for GOP candidates to expressly reject voter racial and ethnic segregation. Stop appealing to “black voters” or “Hispanic voters” or “white voters.” And tell the electorate out loud that you will not be engaging in that divisive, ultimately bigoted practice. Note that while Democrats celebrate it, the GOP has tolerated it, and it’s time for both to evolve. You aspire to connect with and ultimately unite Americans as individuals and will not rob their individual liberty by relegating them to assigned groups.

With this in mind, I’m thrilled that the GOP will not likely grace Telemundo’s Spanish-speaking audience with a debate, simply to pander to voters who are enthusiastically segregated by ethnicity.

As noted in an earlier piece called Predicting Jeb & The Establishment GOP

There is no greater conduit to unity than a shared language. In the US, that language is English. If we want to make it Spanish or some other language, that’s fine with me — but it’s important we have one, and no request to use that one language should ever be met with opposition.

It’s not “RACIST!” to value the English language in the United States of America, and it is both regressive and divisive to pander to those who refuse to learn or use that language. Telemundo is the manifestation of that regression and division becoming mainstream, and while most in our party are yet to grasp or comprehend the full weight of why it’s so great that they’re turning their backs on Telemundo — I’ll take it, all the same.

Because I’m a “RACIST!” or a bigot, as those on the left (and increasingly those on the right in the “Anyone but Trump!” crowd) would say?


Because while I’m a big fan of diversity I know unity is what we really need in 2015 America, and I know there is no greater path to unity than that which exists among a shared language. In the US that language is English — and I won’t pander to those who reject that reality or pretend not to notice the destruction they incite by doing so.

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