About That Bern, How Does It Feel?

So, as it turns out, Bernie Sanders is a sexist.

This, of course, according to virtually everyone on the left except the small-but-vocal group who are willing to publicly support the Democrats’ socialist Presidential candidate…

Well Bernie…all this time you thought your assertion that women fantasize about “being raped by 3 men simultaneously” would land you in hot water, but that — it would appear — is actually just fine with the electorate you need to win over.

No, no; What got you in hot water, so far, is

  1. Accusing anyone of shouting, because ‘women’ are included in ‘anyone’ and
  2. Being associated with a person who thinks Hillary Clinton is worthy of an interview as a potential VP for a Sanders Presidency.

Oh the humanity!

How does it feel, Bernie…?

How does it feel to be slammed from coast-to-coast as a rabid “SEXIST!” when you know that couldn’t be further from the truth?

How does it feel to be at the center of the “War on women” as you’re branded a foremost enemy of all women, everywhere, all the time — based on lazy assertions that would collapse under scrutiny, but are being leveled everywhere without any scrutiny at all?

As a knee-jerk reaction, I’m inclined to give you some empathy here because I’m a conservative who’s endured similar falsely asserted accusations for my entire life.

But then I remember that you, Bernie Sanders, are a favorite among those illiberal and regressive activists who have leveled these attacks at my conservative peers and me.

You call us “RACIST!” while at the same time insisting that black people can’t possibly be expected to get and/or keep ID, and that anyone who doesn’t pity every brown person is also a racist.

You call us “SEXIST!” while at the same time insisting that the bar must be lowered for women, and that anyone who doesn’t pity every woman is also a sexist.

You call us “GREEDY!” while at the same time insisting that most people’s lives are entirely hopeless and/or meaningless, unless you’re empowered to give them money that you plan to take by legislative force from those who earned that money.

You call us “SCIENCE DENIERS!” while at the same time insisting that despite climate change’s infinite ubiquity, you and your leftist peers can somehow prevent the climate from ever changing again in ways we don’t like.

You call us “MORALITY IMPOSERS!” while at the same time insisting that we must let the government run our lives and take our money so that it may impose your backwards, warped brand of ‘morality’ that deems anyone whose experiences are diverse from your own as entirely hopeless and helpless without having every possible need or want handed to them on a silver platter.

You call my peers and me all of these things without qualification or foundation, and you do so with the help of the massive institutional left which echoes 24×7 from coast-to-coast among our primarily recreationally-engaged electorate.

And but for those who are actually engaged in the political process thoughtfully, your absurd accusations are believed.


Because it’s easy and lazy to go on offense so thoughtlessly with such damning accusations — ultimately leaving the accused with the impossible burden of disproving what others assure the nation and world is embedded deeply and secretly in the defendant’s heart. Meanwhile, you and your leftist peers walk off in to the sunset heralding yourselves as “social justice warriors” all for illiberally regressing the entire conversation by leveling politically expedient but wildly wrong accusations of “RACIST!” or “SEXIST!” etc.

Don’t worry. I see many on the right doing the same thing that Hillary and her supporters are doing to you. Increasingly, the “Anyone but Trump” set among the GOP and conservative base are shouting “RACIST!” at Trump supporters, and they’re doing so without any qualification or foundation just as you and your peers have done to us for decades. And unfortunately, we can expect more of that to come.

But for now, as we watch you squirm and contort to dodge Hillary’s hilarious accusations of “SEXIST!” because you — gasp — say she shouted and/or affiliate with a person who thinks she might be a possible VP candidate, we on the right can only laugh and beg the question…

…how does it feel?

We of course know the answer: It feels infuriating, and crippling, and if you were a weaker person…it might even push you to become what you’re being accused of. And it feels like cancer on the entire conversation because it’s preventing you from talking about what matters most, while — worse still — distracting from the actual instances of sexism that might exist elsewhere. That’s how it feels, right…Bernie? Well remember that next time you call me and/or my conservative peers any number of unfounded, unqualified awful names purely for political expedience based on your ‘hunch’ that it ‘might’ be ‘kinda’ true for ‘some.’

You call yourself a ‘progressive’…? Great. Then let this experience help you progress beyond the regressive, illiberal places you and your leftist ilk so frequently land when it comes to your careless attempts at winning the national conversation in a way that unites and evolves our nation.

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