GOP Inbreeding

I’ve written about this at length already, often times distracting from my own messaging efficacy by making it too personal, but the point remains…

Conservative and GOP insiders, more so than Democrats and/or the institutional left, are our movement’s greatest enemy.

Today we see Twitter light up atypically for a Sunday morning over the news that Paul Ryan has tapped David Hoppe as his Chief Of Staff.

I don’t know David Hoppe at all; I don’t know him personally, and I’m not familiar with his work. Of course this isn’t unusual because the vast majority of the GOP’s consultant class stay persistently under the radar. For every elected politician or aspiring candidate, there are dozens of insiders vying to get on their payrolls to help them “win.” But the wins are remarkably thin, evidenced foremost by the GOP’s perpetual inability to win the national conversation.

If you look within the GOP establishment itself, the picture gets even gloomier as jobs in “communications” are handed out as favors for those whose families have pedigree and/or have made other contributions — financially or otherwise — to the GOP establishment.

It’s tremendously unfortunate to see so much inbreeding, apathy, entitlement and elitism — all of which are railed against by conservative activists who view the sum of these unsavory characteristics as “waste” — so rife in and around our entire movement. Few and far between are the politicians or nominees who have the courage to look beyond the already-established “consultant” class. They may sound different at the podium, but behind the scenes they’re all being managed by conventional groupthink that’s dogged our movement for decades.

There are some very simple, very obvious, very important points that the most amplified voices in the conservative movement fail to make. Identifying and communicating these points is a product of passion, which the inbred consultant & strategist class lacks. Concerned foremost with winning polls and elections rather than actually advancing liberty, the well is poisoned with this conventional groupthink. Having gotten to know a handful of these insider strategists and advisers, they mistakenly and smugly view themselves as gangsters and hitmen focused like lasers on “winning” — totally unaware that their focus on winning at the ballot box has enabled persistent losing where it matters most: In the national conversation, culturally.

This is why even when/if we “win” elections, we still lack any real mandate to effect any real change.

To the best of my ability while keeping this under 1,000 words…

Liberty is a right, yes…but it’s also a gift. Let’s celebrate it as such with some fresh ideas, messaging and focus.

America became exceptional because we enabled liberty despite — not by, because of, or thanks to — a still necessary government.

Organic diversity is great but contrived diversity is destructive, and 50 years after MLK’s “Dream” speech — it’s time we turn our focus to unity and stop qualifying by color.

The Democrats proudly segregate our nation, effectively perpetuating the division, disparity and destruction they purport to combat.

When it comes to climate change and/or the empirical evidence that broken homes more than anything else create disparity — the GOP can and should be the only party in the conversation with both math and science on our side. Instead we’re recognized as the party averse to both.

As the left begin their shift from “safe, legal and rare” to “safe, legal and awesome!”…the GOP can and should pose this very simple question: “Is abortion cool? If not, why not?”

Call the left out for their sexist insistence that women be absolved accountability for the infinite choice they have before conception.

Stop imposing morality. On abortion, first just get the nation nodding along in agreement that abortion is not cool, and that it creates far more destruction than it mitigates. If we’re going to win that fight, we have to win it culturally before anything else. But the reality is, abortion should be illegal not because it’s “wrong” or “immoral” — but because in the US, individuals are afforded a right to life…and abortion robs the most vulnerable of theirs. Moreover, in 2015, virtually every Democrat policy or proposal is couched in “Giving is good.” From Obamacare to amnesty, the left insist that both should be embraced by the right because “JESUS!” The government has no place imposing morality and in the USA, our laws are less about forcing moral behavior — and more about protecting individual rights.

Let’s make these points and in doing so, we’ll not only sustain a united right — but we’ll also attract disaffected and/or recreationally-engaged Democrat voters, disarm the biased media and put the Democrat establishment so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform.

Whether the topic is racism, sexism, greed, science denial or moral imposition — conservatives and the GOP have all the right ingredients to actually win the national conversation, but we just can’t seem to do so. Whether it’s mitigating disparity, creating unity and/or ultimately enabling a better USA — conservatives and the GOP have the right ingredients but again, just can’t seem to make that case. And the reason we keep failing to make our case effectively is because we’re less of a movement and more of an industry for a class of intellectually lazy, apathetic, entitled, elitist insiders who care less about advancing liberty and more about elevating themselves and each other.

If you’re a GOP consultant, strategist, adviser etc reading this — consider pinging me directly and chatting 1-on-1 rather than just taking offense to this. While many were born in to your world/roles, many more got where you are through hard work inspired by passion. But that got lost somewhere along the way amid the groupthink I described above, and you know I’m right about that. Political expedience is merely a byproduct of what I’m proposing and aspiring to. The reality is that America didn’t become exceptional by accident and there’s a lot more winning and leading-by-example for us to do.

One comment

  1. I’m put in mind of G.K. Chesterton, who said, 91 years ago, “The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.” (Illustrated London News, 1924).

    What needs to be done is for the false premises of all Dem policies and the false premises of all the Repubs who address the false premises of the Dems to be shown actually to BE, in fact, FALSE. One of those against which I have a particular antipathy is the false premise of “We must DO something!”– this underlies the feeling in the Congress amongst the Establishment Repubs that “We must show the American public we are capable of governing!” Just why this is so is assumed rather than stated; essentially they are saying, “the American public are lazy SOB’s who don’t know their ass from third base” and need to see someone with a firm hand on the tiller.

    So, in situations where things perhaps SHOULD be done, i.e., the defunding of Planned Parenthood (which in no way deprives any woman of any health care and in no way interferes with the right, such as it is, to terminate a pregnancy, and seeks only to remove Federal involvement) or defunding of Sanctuary Cities (again, leaving municipalities free not to comply with US Immigration law if they so choose, but at the pain of not receiving federal funds), the fact that liberty comes with responsibility COULD be driven home and the national conversation COULD be turned to “What IS the role of the Feds in bankrolling what are possibly destructive forces in the long run, and why should we countenance them?” Instead, the Boner and the Turtle retreat into “Well, the President will just veto it anyway, we can’t override, and we will look as if we are just doing political Kabuki here– we have to show that we are a RESPONSIBLE governing party!”

    The answer is, “No, you don’t. The Dems have not been a ‘responsible governing party’ in probably EVER, and they ‘succeed’ (such as they do) by stacking decks far more and far worse than the Repubs have ever been accused of. What you NEED to show is that your positions are more consistent with what the American people want, and need, which is NOT necessarily government interference in EVERYTHING. Yet you let yourselves be buffaloed by the MSM and others into apologizing for what you believe in– in some belief that the dichotomy is ‘mean-spirited versus kindly,’ when in fact the ACTUAL dichotomy is ‘level-headed versus loony’.”

    MY $0.02, anyway.


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