Why Democrats Blamed YouTube

I’ll never forget the moment I saw Hillary Clinton stand before the Benghazi caskets and families, blaming a video…

Even if a video was what sparked the attack in Benghazi, it was totally unacceptable to watch our nation’s Secretary of State and President blame that video.


Because in doing so, they effectively blamed free speech.

Of course as is typical of the optics-obsessed, Obama-era left — they did much more than just that.

Here are the four reasons Obama, Clinton and the rest were all too happy to blame a YouTube video for the terror attack in Benghazi…

1). First and foremost, as we all know already, it nurtured their narrative that Obama’s Presidency and liberal policies meant things overseas were much better. If a terror attack occurs and claims US lives including that of a US Ambassador, it means we are still a target and the liberal policies aren’t as great as they claimed. But if Muslim extremists are just reacting to a YouTube video that — to quote Hillary — they “had nothing to do with,” then it’s much better for Obama, Clinton and Democrats politically.

So that’s number one and that’s the big one; That’s the reason they did it. But as is so often the case with the left’s ends-justify-the-means lies, there were many other consequences as well. Let’s take a look at those…

2). By blaming a YouTube video, Obama and Clinton also chilled free speech — which they love to do. If the attack were the result of a video that offended Muslims, then we’d all be forced to take a step back and think twice about how we exercise our free speech. “Yes, I have free speech…but that doesn’t mean it’s always without cost.” There’s nothing the left would like more than for every American to be thinking that thought every minute of every day…thus the speech codes, etc.

3) By blaming a YouTube video, Obama and Clinton also blamed America and Americans — which they love to do. They effectively said “Yes, yes, yes of course it’s insane that these crazy Muslim extremists get so boneheaded when they’re offended…but we Americans really should know better by now, and let this be a lesson for us in the future.” It doesn’t matter that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (the filmmaker they ultimately blamed/imprisoned) isn’t American. The message Obama and Clinton sent is, “Right or wrong, we’re ultimately to blame here”…*whining*…”even though we had nothing to do with it!”

4) By blaming a YouTube video, Obama and Clinton made Islam a victim — which they love to do. The left constantly — constantly — segregate individuals in to assigned groups where those otherwise powerful individuals are to assume perpetual grievance as part of that group…and Muslims are certainly no exception to this targeted segregation. No amount of hand-wringing over how “awful” or “evil” the perpetrators of the Benghazi attack were could negate the latent, lasting theme that poor Muslims are constantly being attacked for their faith.

So yes, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama concocted the “Blame a video” lie foremost to cover themselves politically. But don’t think for a minute that they weren’t well aware of all the other “benefits” that lie afforded them…

Chill free speech.

Blame America/Americans.

Make Islam a victim.

For pleading ignorance while casually embracing these divisive, destructive aspects of their rationale, I maintain — as I have for some time


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  1. You’re back after a few days off, I see…

    The reason it was done, IN THE MOMENT, was obvious– it was to protect the Precious against attack, with mere weeks before the election. Presumably they knew that eventually, enough people would look askance at such a ridiculous story, but as long as they kicked the can past Election Day, that was all that mattered– they could point to an Obama re-election as some sort of showing that, “…[I]n spite of everything, Benghazi included, the people voted for him, so let’s move on dot org.”

    I have no doubt but what the reasons you cite are the sorts of presuppositions someone who works for the Obama Administration must have. But somehow I believe that it is because they had already made such presuppositions, such things didn’t probably enter their conscious mind– it was ALL done in a knee-jerk fashion, with probably some contingency plan in place waiting to be executed. In other words, they didn’t have to THINK about what they were doing. It’s clear that they in fact did NOT. It was ALL “What gets us past Election Day?”– first, last, and always.

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