Two Winning GOP Themes

Well in to the 2016 Presidential Primary season, we have an optimized view of today’s political landscape. The competing Democrat and Republican ideas have never been more stark. Has the competitiveness been uglier? Of course. One of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, died in a duel — a duel, for crying out loud! — with a political opponent.

Still, the 1) Differences between ideas, 2) Amplification of those differences and 3) Participation and passion of the electorate are all more pronounced than they’ve ever been. This creates uncharted challenges and opportunities for both parties, but only the Democrats have navigated those challenges and opportunities successfully.

I’ve written at length on the inefficacy of GOP and conservative messaging. In fact I’ve written so much about it that it’s often been to the detriment of my own messaging efficacy, ultimately tainting otherwise important pieces and ideas with the distraction of personal animus. But having now heard the Democrat candidates debate in front of their base, and the GOP twice having done the same — there are two themes that I want to share that would be politically expedient for the GOP and also instrumental in helping effect substantive, lasting change aligned with our conservative values.


The question shouldn’t be if America is or is not exceptional, but rather — how’d we become exceptional? What’s the origin of American Exceptionalism? You can read the full post by clicking here, but the excerpt below captures the most important point…

Ultimately, “Liberty” is what enabled American Exceptionalism. Synonymous with God’s greatest gift to us after life itself (ie, “free will”), “Liberty” is the manifestation of that gift as guaranteed to a nation’s people despite a still necessary government for the first time in the world’s history — providing you don’t impede on others’ rights while exercising it.

What made America exceptional is empowering individuals through individual liberty since our founding despite a still necessary government. That so many on the left assert the antithesis of this as what makes America exceptional, helps explain why we’re increasingly so far removed from that exceptionalism.


This is from a piece called “Conservatives; You Are Your Own Leaders” which you can read by clicking here, but the underlying point is captured below…

I’m a conservative. I think just like Life itself, yes Liberty is a right…but it’s also a gift. And it’s a gift that comes wrapped every single time in ‘personal responsibility.’ So who’s my leader? I’m my own leader. And that’s kind of the entire point. That you’d apparently be entirely lost were it not for others dictating to and/or for you, is your problem.

“Liberty” is effectively “Free Will,” minus allowances for infringing on someone else’s rights. (As noted in Stop Imposing Morality, I believe that — not constantly exhaling Biblical hellfire — is why God may have shed His grace on We.) Thus anyone who loves Liberty should note whenever possible that while some in media may share and amplify our views, and some in DC may share and legislate around them — we, as individuals, are our own leaders. And that’s really the whole point of our movement, as that’s really the whole point of “Liberty.”


The GOP nominee already has the support of the GOP base. It’s those beyond our base we need to reach, and we’re tasked with doing so against a biased media and very simple-minded but hard-to-refute Democrat talking points. (Like, for example, “Giving is good.”) If our nominee and movement generally can adopt the easy-to-digest ideas above and make them central themes…they’ll win new voters while disarming the biased media and putting the Democrats in a defensive posture that they’ve largely escaped since 1965.

If you’re a conservative or Republican reading this, you might think “Nice ideas” and then just move on. You already agree with the points here, and aren’t inclined to stand up and cheer just because I’ve worded them uniquely and honed in on some uncharted aspects of each. But if you’re a GOP candidate or communications strategist reading this, I implore you to do more than just say “Nice thought” and move on. These themes will educate and attract parts of the electorate that we’d not otherwise reach, while crippling the media and professional Democrat party who work against us. Ultimately…if you put these ideas to work then your candidate will get the job and, most importantly, our nation will be better off as we’ll have significantly reduced the enormous deficit of individual liberty that’s slowly but surely destroying America.

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