Trump — Again & Still

Let me share a few things about Donald Trump…

Foremost, you should read this piece which I wrote a while back that espouses some uncharted thinking on the origin of his political motivations and success.

Done? Cool. Let’s go…

Several months ago I pinged Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, with the hope of joining their campaign. I’ve been in outside, b2b sales for my entire career since graduating college in 1999 — and if you don’t know about b2b (business-to-business) sales, basically…we eat what we kill while armed solely with weaponized messaging and communications. I’m very passionate about liberty however, and also mitigating racial division and disparity that’s destroying the US, so I’ve long hoped to change careers and begin working professionally as a conservative communications strategist. Trump’s unconventional campaign was, in my view, the first and best shot I had to make that career change.

It wasn’t to be, in large part because — as I learned from Corey and Michael Glassner — Mr. Trump is effectively his entire communications and messaging team.

So I closed that door however grudgingly and armed with more motivation and inspiration than ever before, started this blog instead.

When I was trying to join Trump’s campaign, I was of course a staunch supporter. After conceding defeat in that endeavor though, I took a few steps back and became more objective. Slowly, Mr. Trump faded from my view as a preferred front-runner. This is in part because I just didn’t sense enough depth from him but also/unfortunately because everywhere I look, so many of the people I respect the most in the conservative movement are staunchly anti-Trump.

But he’s hung in and while I predicted early on that he had both the savvy and the agility to become a more ‘serious’ and acceptable candidate to the professional pundit class — it’s still pretty remarkable to watch happen in real time.

Today, as I sit here watching MSNBC, they keep replaying the clip of him attacking Sanders. (That clip is embedded at the bottom of this page.) Let’s set aside that Tamron Hall appears outright offended that Trump would dare attack Democrats instead of his GOP opponents. And let’s set aside that she and her leftist ilk have spent the last 48 hours praising the Democrat candidates for doing the exact same thing — ultimately praising the ‘civility and focus’ of the Democrat candidates compared to the GOP candidates. And whenever she’s talking about Republicans she always looks like something smells funny, so let’s set that aside also.

Instead, I just have to note that Trump — yet again — manages to deliver in ways that none before him have been able to.

Months ago I noted that Bernie Sanders’ greatest contribution to the leftist movement would be taking at least some of the stigma out of the term ‘socialist.’ You’ll recall that for the past 8 years when we’d call President Obama a socialist, the left would insist “No he’s not! Stop being so hateful!” Today of course, as an avowed socialist is successfully competing for their party’s presidential nomination, their response amounts to a collective “So what?”

I never predicted Sanders would actually win, and I stand by that. Because he won’t. He won’t win the nomination, let alone the Presidency. (I actually think Biden will win the nomination, should he pursue it.) Still, Sanders’ impact was almost guaranteed to be a positive one for the left because his serious inclusion in the national conversation was slated to make ‘socialist’ a more accepted, less toxic part of the US political conversation.

Then Trump came along and brought his now-trademarked and increasingly tempered mocking, scornful, brash, snarky-before-it-was-cool tone with him. And just like that, my fear that Sanders would somehow make ‘socialism’ an accepted part of the political lexicon was entirely alleviated.

And this happened about 20 minutes ago. That’s how Trump works. That’s how quickly and effectively he can turn a conversation on it’s head. He dressed down Sanders in a way that no one else has, can or will. Up until hearing Trump a few moments ago, I was certain that Bernie would eventually leave the race gracefully while “socialism” became a more accepted brand. I now predict Sanders will be laughed out of the race thanks to Trump’s direct brand of intellectual honesty…relegating ‘socialism’ back to the unserious place it was in American politics before Obama came on the scene.

Are there aspects of Trump that give me pause? Sure. But I yet again find myself absolutely thrilled that he’s part of the conversation because he yet again is bringing strength to the conversation that would otherwise elude the consistently tepid-if-not-feckless GOP.

Donald Trump has done some tremendous things in this race that many voters of all political persuasions had hoped for but given up on. And the more I see and hear as the race progresses, the more I like him…again and still.

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