Lauren Batchelder’s Body & The Establishment GOP

At the hilariously-named “No Labels” conference, Lauren Batchelder stood up and asked Donald Trump if she’d be able to choose what she does with her own body should he be elected President.

First of all, this leftist line of questioning is absurd. Women have absolute reproductive choice. The question around abortion relates to whether or not women should be absolved accountability when/if they choose irresponsibly. And since Life is a protected right in the US, many believe lives inside a womb ought not be denied their right to life just because some flaky girl finds that life might inconvenience her own.

  • Egg = Potential life.
  • Sperm = Potential life.
  • Conception = Manifestation of new life.

Still, that aside, Lauren Batchelder very much chose exactly what she wanted to do with her body at the “No Labels” conference — and now many Trump supporters, and others who are simply repulsed by the establishment GOP — are making our own choices about what we do with our bodies. And minds. And mouths. And fingers. And we are choosing to respond to Lauren with the full weight of our enterprise ferocity for the establishment GOP that she gleefully represents. 

Of course the left is outraged that we’d dare push back on a girl for merely “standing up to Trump,” but their outrage only exemplifies the low bar they set for women.

Batchelder chose to put herself in the center of the conversation. That she was later exposed as a staunch supporter of the establishment GOP is a problem of her own making. (We now know Batchelder interned for Kelly Ayotte — who is widely considered the political lovechild of John McCain and Lindsey Graham — and more recently has volunteered for Jeb Bush’s campaign.)

Lauren, if you choose to exercise your reproductive rights irresponsibly — you ought not be absolved accountability just because you’re a woman. Moreover, the same standard applies here-and-now as you endure the fallout from your “choice” to try to hurt Trump with your hilariously leftist-inspired questions.

At a ripe 18 years old (or whatever she is), I’d not be the least bit surprised to find out that Batchelder is a “Republican” of the Josh Barro persuasion. That is to say a true RINO (Republican In Name Only) and really there just to push the GOP as far to the left as possible from the inside.

We’ll see how this unfolds, with the left now calling for Batchelder to come out and tell us just how damaged she is from the fallout after her “No Labels” performance. I believe she likely is a plant, but one set on obstructing the GOP’s entire structure rather than just Trump’s campaign. And where better to assert that than in the company of Kelly Ayotte, Jeb Bush and other establishment GOP weaklings. But yes, she can choose what she does with her body…and when she makes those choices, just like any other woman, she ought not be absolved accountability for the fallout when her choices prove to be wildly irresponsible and short-sighted.

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