Casualties Of Leftism

NOTE: Tell me I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. I’m wide open to suggestions and other thinking on this and related matters — but we can’t ignore the empirically-proven impact that broken homes have, and if you’re inclined to do so…we’ll not likely get very far together. Still, try me anyway. I’m open to hearing any/all other perspectives on this.

The sad reality of 2015 is that many US citizens have become casualties of leftism, and I fear we’ll not be able to save them.

As is the case so often amid adversity in life, they can of course save themselves…but it’s a long slog and one I’m not optimistic many will endure.

As noted in several posts throughout this blog, the left — while often well-intended — have worked diligently to relegate otherwise powerful individuals in to segregated groups where they’re to assume perpetual grievance as members of their assigned groups. Nowhere has this been more dedicated or damaging than among Americans who happen to be black. Dr. Carson talks frequently about “hopelessness” and he’s absolutely right to do so, as that’s really the crux of the matter for so many Americans who happen to be black.

With a nod to science and math, conservatives know that broken homes are the greatest driver of disparity. Every time? Of course not. But generally speaking, 2 are better than 1 when it comes to parenting — and kids who grow up watching their loving, committed, lead-by-example parents honor their commitments are more likely to enter adulthood with a sense of accountability that affords them hope and inspiration. (i.e. Love breeds accountability.)

Sadly however, after 50 years of leftists mistaking bigoted sympathy for ’empathy’ while celebrating and rewarding broken homes…millions of Americans who happen to be black simply don’t have that hope or inspiration. For too many it’s “Rich and famous or forget it!” The idea of working 50-60 hours per week for a modest income that will allow them to responsibly raise a family while honoring their commitments as parents even when the going gets tough, is simply not worth it.

So when I talk to liberals or really anyone about racial disparity, I increasingly find myself noting that I’m less interested in “saving” those who today are so hopeless…and more interested in mitigating that hopelessness for tomorrow’s generations.

Well-intended or not, modern American leftism has left vast destruction in it’s wake…and I truly don’t know how we can repair that damage. The only solution I can come up with is to focus instead on mitigating that destruction and hopelessness for tomorrow’s generations, and hope that at least some today also hear the message, which is really pretty simple…

Life isn’t always fair.

People will often let you down.

Not everyone will like you.

You are your own leader.

Never let anyone make you a victim.

Embrace individual liberty and personal responsibility as the gifts they are rather than as the burdens others want you to believe them to be.

Again, I simply don’t know what other solution there is. The left have convinced so many millions of Americans who happen to be black that all of life’s woes are the result of “RACISM!” They promise them a lifetime of hopelessness and unfairness because of their skin color, instill hate and resentment in them by blaming “Whiteness” for that hopelessness and unfairness, and effectively say ‘stay down and vote Democrat so we can make everything better.’ Who among us would be able to resist that message if it were beaten in to us at every turn? It’s very sad, but I just don’t know what we can do to combat it other than working to mitigate more of it in the future.

What’s the alternative? Begging people to believe in themselves? Begging people to reject the assigned victimization inked on to their psyches intergenerationally at the hands of media, Hollywood and academia? No one will hear that. I fear we have to turn our backs and look instead to the future, while hoping that by doing so many will be liberated of their assigned grievance and awakened to the gift of personal responsibility.

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  1. See, the Right could have stolen a march on the Lefties and grabbed the #BlackLivesMatter banner away from them almost immediately, by saying “Black children born into this system become the hoodlums #BLM lionizes, if they’re allowed to grow up in the dysfunctional family structure Lefties seem to like. We really DO believe ‘Black Lives Matter’– not just the lives of criminals. Will no one think of the children?” Individual voices DID, of course, but no Eureka moment for the Right as a whole. And that’s ad.

    Of course, such a direct assault on the sensibilities of the Lefties would not go unretaliated against. They would immediately accuse us of “not REALLY caring,” whereupon the Right could have engaged them in debate on whether the LEFT actually care. But the Right are TOO skittish about such things. Too far from their comfort zones. Somebody’s gotta be the Nixon-to-China of the Right achieving a rapprochement with the “black community,” as the term is understood to mean.

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