Identity Supremacists

There’s an enormous difference between “equality” and “supremacy.”

Too many across our nation have been conditioned however not to understand that difference.

This morning on Twitter, for example, “#WomenRule” is trending.

Not long ago, it was “#BlackGirlsRock.”

Every day of every week, “white men” are chided because of their skin color and gender. The left will say “Oh it’s much deeper than that!”, but it’s not. If you lament a person or people based on their skin color and gender, and assign qualities to them based on that skin color and gender, then you’re a bigot…because you lament and assign qualities to people based on their skin color and gender.

In their historically-consistent, bigoted pursuit for power and control — the Democrats work hard every day to convince women and minorities that each of them are perpetual victims — thus suggesting that the identity supremacy and bigotry they engage in is not only okay, but a step in the right direction toward “social justice.”

This backwards logic of course couldn’t be more wrong, or destructive.

Destructive to our nation? Sure, but not devastatingly so any time soon.

Destructive to progress? Again…yeah, but not in an imminently crushing way.

Destructive to the white men (and white people, generally) who are uniformly on the negative receiving end of our current “Identity Supremacy” culture? No, not even a little bit…because in the face of adversity, people enabled by individual liberty tend to only grow stronger.

The real destruction here — the immediate, manifest destruction — is endured by those who the Democrats and institutional left have conditioned to believe that their identities make them perpetual victims, and that only self-supremacy and the tearing down of others can absolve their alleged victimization.

How It Works

The left emphatically insist that any who don’t heap perpetual and unqualified pity on women…clearly hate them.

The left emphatically insist that any who don’t heap perpetual and unqualified pity on minorities…clearly hate them.

They do the same with LGBT peoples, and illegal immigrants, and Muslims, and really anyone they can segregate by identity.

Of course those women, minorities, LGBT and others who identify as conservative are immune to the left’s divisive and destructive efforts. Rather than living their lives as perpetual victims who constantly blame someone else instead of improving their own stations in life, conservatives — no matter their other ‘identity’ — live their lives empowered foremost by individual liberty so that they may spend their typically happy lives pursuing more of that happiness.

Many of these conservatives were raised by committed, lead-by-example parents whose love instilled accountability in them. Others embraced the opportunity presented by liberty and personal responsibility on their own and resisted the left’s low-hanging, rotten fruit that way. However they managed to resist the left’s demand for celebrated self-segregation and perpetual victimization, they did it.

And thus many on the conservative side will say of those who are diseased by leftist indoctrination, “Well they just need to stop being lazy and start taking responsibility for themselves and their families!”

Assertions like that, while not wrong, are also unrealistic. You can’t simply say “Bootstraps!” and expect people to change…

Imagine if someone showed up at your house every month saying “You’re a victim because you’ve got brown hair. Here’s some money to help ease your burden. Also, here’s your ‘Victim For Life’ membership card — so now any time something goes wrong, you have something to blame it on other than your own failures or the realities that life won’t always be fair, and sometimes people will let you down.” At first you might resist: “Hey man, no way. I’m a conservative. I stand both actionably and on principle for individual liberty. I’m nobody’s victim!” But if they kept coming back, month after month, selling you the same bill of goods…eventually it could start to sound like truth. And if it didn’t for you personally, your kids — who are more impressionable than you are — might answer the door one day instead of you. Or they may get visits at school from these perpetrators of celebrated segregation and identity supremacy.

At some point, the left’s lie that a) equality is a fantasy because b) everyone is bigoted so c) it’s perfectly okay to engage in identity supremacy to d) put white people in their place…stands an excellent chance of becoming truth to those the left target.

And having been at it for nearly 50 years now, the left have been very successful at segregating people by identity and replacing their individual liberty with perceived, perpetual victimization. In fact they’ve been so successful that identity supremacy today is not only tolerated, but in fact celebrated — and the Democrats and left are now very much out of the closet in suggesting people with white skin ‘check their privilege’ so that their ‘Whiteness’ might be mitigated and the world can be a better place.

This of course guarantees only more division, disparity and destruction — but all of that is perfectly fine with the power-brokers on the left because division is their oxygen, disparity is their water, and destruction is their sunlight. They need and feed off of each to sustain, inspire and grow their segregated-by-identity base. It’s destructive foremost to those they target, and sadly too many of them are too far gone to be saved and will remain casualties of leftism for the entirety of their lives. But all is not lost as we can, at a minimum, begin amplifying these realities so that tomorrow’s identity supremacists might be spared the crushing defeat of self-segregation and imaginary, perpetual victimization.

The Conservative Message To Identity Supremacists

You are victims, but it’s not because of white males or white people generally. You’re victims because the left have convinced you to trade in your identity as an individual empowered by liberty and replace it with an assigned seat among a group paralyzed by a false sense of perpetual victimization.

If I pity you at all, it’s only because the left has so successfully segregated you and taught you that identity supremacy is a good thing.

Other than that, I do not and will not pity you — and this does not mean that I ‘hate’ you, as Democrats and leftists would have you believe.

Look around the conservative movement, and you’ll see people who share your identity doing very well in life both in terms of personal happiness and professional success. How is this possible if, as you’ve been taught to believe, your identity makes you a perpetual victim for whom happiness, equality, opportunity and/or justice are unavailable?

So while I do feel bad for you, I’ll not sacrifice future generations of potentially liberty-rich individuals just to combat the victimization that the left has buried you in. This — like everything else in life — is something you’ll need to do for yourself, or it won’t be done at all. Welcome to the party.

Your skin color, gender or other identity don’t make you better than me — or me worse than you. So for the love of all that’s holy please stop suggesting either or both of those things are true, while patting yourself on the back for some warped brand of “social justice.” And unless you want your kids to be as miserable as you are then please, at a minimum, stop teaching them that their race, ethnicity and/or gender makes them hopeless because other people refuse to pity them enough.

You’re creating far more division, disparity and destruction than you’ll ever mitigate and — while I do feel bad for you because you’ve been conditioned to believe what you are doing is good — I’ll fight you every step of the way, because the reality is…you’re a bigot, and you’re the antithesis of both progress and evolution.

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