Kasich Exploits Jesus & Conservative Media Miss The Point

One of the more important pieces I’ve written was called Stop Imposing Morality, and the “featured image” was of John Kasich.

I said most of what I had to say in that post, but since today Kasich is being called out by the amplified voices in our conservative movement for offering to “buy Bibles” for those who criticize Obamacare — it merits another post.

As always, I’ve begged and pleaded for our amplified voices to consider the entirely uncharted, potentially landscape-shifting ideas laid out in “Stop Imposing Morality.”

Did any respond?

Of course not. Stop being ridiculous.

Within one hour of Kasich’s offering to buy Bibles for Obamacare critics, several of those amplified voices already wrote their own pieces about it…

  • You can read about it on HotAir via Allahpundit’s piece, by clicking here.
  • You can read about it at RedState via Leon Wolf’s piece, by clicking here.
  • You can read about it at National Review via Jim Geraghty’s piece, by clicking here.

Forget about understanding opposition being the key to mitigating it, or even the hypocrisy of leftists (and Republicans who aspire to be more like leftists, such as Kasich) who trash Liberty in their pursuit for government-imposed, compulsory morality and charity.

While you won’t find anything on either of those important, uncharted points in any of the amplified voices’ pieces that I linked above — the most important component to this conversation that you also won’t find in their pieces, is encapsulated here…

Finally, as a lifelong and practicing Christian — let me share the more actionable reason as to why we should not use the government to impose morality and/or force charity: Because in doing so, every single time, we negate entirely the very merits of both morality and/or charity. That should be relatively self-explanatory but in case it escapes you…

Given the gift of free will we all have, which we call “Liberty” in the US…if we’re forced to behave morally or give charity rather than doing so voluntarily — there’s really no merit to it. It’s no different than robbing someone and giving their money to charity — and then turning around and crediting that person’s ‘giving’ nature. The reality that few have considered and fewer still are ready to consider, is that we have all the morality our nation needs embedded in the virtue of Liberty afforded each individual. After that, the greatest instances of either morality or charity that we’ll truly assert will come voluntarily from individuals rather than forced by the government — and the more the government tries to force it, the less we as individuals will do.

It’s great that our side at least knows something is wrong with Kasich offering to buy Bibles for those who criticize his embrace of Obamacare, but it means nothing if we can’t articulate why that’s so wrong; It means nothing for the political expedience conservatism is due in using this against Obama-era Democrats, and far more importantly...it means nothing for advancing the value of liberty far-and-wide.

I watched us land flat-footed on the abortion conversation despite pleading with our amplified voices to assert some fresh ideas and thinking with respect to winning that conversation, and I’m seeing it again now with respect to Kasich endorsing government largess by exploiting Jesus — just as Democrats have for decades and continue to.

“Hey there’s a robbery going on!” is great.

Good job, team.


Now how about actually doing something to mitigate that robbery, and — even if it’s not as polished as it could be, given my exactly one month of writing-for-amplification experience — consider, embrace and then amplify the ideas in Stop Imposing Morality.

In doing so, you may very well manage to 1) sustain a united right while 2) attracting recreationally-engaged Democrat voters because you 3) disarmed the biased media and ultimately 4) put the DNC so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform.

Or, alternatively, you could just keep elevating yourselves and each other without considering any fresh thinking and ideas — and we’ll continue, as we have my entire life, losing the national conversation badly.

Deference, yet again, to Jon Gabriel who tweeted…


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