The KKGay & America’s Perpetual “Closet”

The news of Kim Davis and The Pope meeting in secret confirms what many have seen coming for a while: Conservativism and Christianity, primarily when in a bi-identity relationship, are increasingly relegated to “the closet.” (And now I need a minute to impose a self facepalm for having just written “bi-identity relationship.” … Okay I’m back.)

It used to be gay people in the closet. And before that it was…

…okay so it’s pretty much just been gay-ish people in the closet before now.

  • Gay men and gay women, however slowly but still surely, under what’s advertised as totally different experiences.
  • Bi women…of course they kind of stormed out of the closet and headed with uniformity and ubiquity to anyone anywhere with a camera. Not to mention their time in the closet was rumored to be pretty hot. : /
  • Next transgendered people.
  • Then came Facebook’s 56 gender identifications, some 54 of which plain-old men and women have to assume are basically variations on some degree of “gay.”

So each of the various gay denominations eventually and ultimately emptied the closet on their own.

But it was always a gay closet.

And that gay closet is no more.

And that’s a good thing! For the love of all that’s Holy it’s 2015, and sunlight — not compulsion — should inspire not only disinfecting but also evolution when either is respectively due.

But of course now we have a new “closet,” and the Kim Davis & Pope Francis recent rendezvous there is just one example.

Relegated to this closet as intended by the KKGay are not some Christians, or some conservatives…

…but every Christian and conservative must hide in this closet or risk lynching as instructed by the well-amplified KKGay.

This is what happens when someone fights intolerance with more intolerance and moral imposition with more moral imposition. They end up effectively creating the bigotry they lament, and rather than lamenting that bigotry — they actually celebrate it.

Thus, the most vocal LGBT activists have been aptly named “The KKGay,” thanks in large part to their unending penchant for character and personality lynchings.

And thanks to the KKGay, let me tell you who else is in this new closet…

  • A lot of people who had no problem with gay people — but are now turned off to, if not annoyed by, if not outright sick of the entire idea of “LGBT” after seeing the KKGay proudly at work.
  • A handful of business owners who are profiting wildly thanks to the KKGay’s compulsory marketing & branding directives that effectively insist “You must conceal your bigotry and have a successful business, rather than let your bigotry shine and watch your business fail for it.”
  • And yes many, many Christians and conservatives who might otherwise inspire real progress and evolution if not forced to fear the KKGay’s bigoted, blindly-applied wrath as exerted through the institutional left.

“Awesome! #LoveWins!” some asshole in a fedora who’s straight as an arrow might argue with equal parts of thoughtlessness and enthusiasm.

As Christopher G. Ciccone — a gay man who also happens to be Madonna’s brother — thoughtfully writes with respect specifically to Kim Davis…

“The rights we all fought for mean nothing, if we deny her hers.”

But the illiberal and regressive KKGay don’t really care about progress or evolution. Like so many others who claim to speak for the entirety of segregated-by-identity peoples, KKGay grand wizards like Dan Savage and John Fugelsang are not representative of most let alone all — but instead are self-promoting entrepreneurs in the booming grievance industry. But the fact sadly remains that some LGBT people in the grassroots do share at least elements of the KKGay’s insistent hatred and bigotry for any who dare not submit to their implied infallibility.

And while I lament that reality, I also understand it.

The KKGay did not manifest out of thin air. With an eye on intellectual honesty I aspire to always on these pages, it must be noted that they don’t merely “hate” Christians and conservatives.

They hate Christians and conservatives back.

We on the right have spent decades allowing our movement to be amplified by those who don’t necessarily represent us, either. And many of them have done nothing but breathlessly pant hellfire at LGBT peoples. While hilarious to some, promises of “YOU’LL SPEND ETERNITY IN A FIERY HELL!!!!1!” can actually do a bit of harm to many it’s leveled at by the judgment-rich among our Christian & conservative ranks. So of course those LGBT peoples have seen an army built up of ferocious defenders supporters eager to pummel any who dare challenge them.

Candidly and meriting introspection, we Christians and conservatives started it.

I tried to push back over the years…





Of course I’m just one voice, and as is the case 99.9% of the time…very few notice me, or listen when they do.

So maybe I’m wrong about everything. It’s possible. But I doubt it.

  • Kim Davis ought not be forced to certify LGBT marriages. Surely someone else can do that part of the job for her.
  • Gay printers ought not be forced to print fliers that say “God Hates Fags!”
  • LGBT people ought not be burdened with a morality-imposing, enormous hand of big government as hoped for by those who claim to want limited government. (Frankly, government ought not be involved in marriage at all — but that’s a post for another time.)
  • Business owners ought not have smart branding and financial success forced on them in an effort by those atop the LGBT movement to “teach them a lesson.”
  • Bigotry of any kind ought not be relegated to closets, but pulled from them and disinfected by sunlight in the free marketplace of ideas.
  • Christians should judge less.
  • KKGay-inspired LGBT should lead by example and exercise tolerance more.

It’s not okay that as a conservative American patriot and Christian inspired foremost by liberty, I’m often relegated to a closet because the institutional left works tirelessly to tie all Christians and conservatives with the least representative but most amplified among us.

We can all do better, but until and unless the more thoughtful and representative people on both sides of these issues speak up…

…I assure you that no, it will not get better.

It will only get worse.

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