Challenge For Those Who Celebrate Abortion

Having just finished writing a post highlighting (among other things) the left’s sexism in the abortion conversation, I’m inclined to share a very simple challenge with those abortion advocates who increasingly celebrate and glorify abortion…

Of note, initially: Hillary Clinton once famously said that abortion should be “Safe, legal and rare.”

Today, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards constantly notes that abortion should be “Safe and legal.”

At some point “rare” got nixed from the discussion. And I emphatically hope conservatives — both elected and in the grassroots — will challenge abortion advocates (again, both elected and in the grassroots) as to whether or not abortion should also be “rare.”

And of even greater importance, challenge them on “Why?

Moving on…I argue that abortion should be legal. In the US, citizens are afforded a right to life, and medical professionals ought not need a court order to perform an abortion if it means saving the life of a mother. And setting aside other points on unborn children also being entitled a right to life (when not threatening the life of another), for the purposes of this challenge, let’s just cede that abortion should be legal.

(Yes, I know…you leftists just cringe when you hear a conversation start that way, because you know it’s a conversation that’s about to expose your illiberal and regressive glorification of abortion.)

So aligned with my question about whether or not it should also be “rare,” here’s the challenge to those who advocate for/celebrate abortion…

I alone will find more women who regret having abortions, than your entire movement with all of your resources — the Democrat party, Planned Parenthood, and everyone in the grassroots — can find women who regret choosing life. And I’ll give you a full year to do so, while only giving myself one week.

Let’s find out just how “great” abortion is for women.

So who’s in? Who wants to accept the challenge?


One comment

  1. You know they will not take that bet….. they know they’ll lose. The strongest, most numerous and most dedicated pro-life supporters out there are women…
    so when they say being pro-life is just old white Christian men.. they’re lying… and they know it.. it’s not sexist either from it’s base or from it”s beliefs.. close to 80% of Americans support restrictions on late term, after 20 week abortions.. that is simply a fact..
    the planned infanticide supporters demands of abortion at any time for any reason right up till birth is so extreme even socialist non religious europe rejects it.. completely.. hard left, Christian hostile europe?….
    nd these abortion loving hacks think it’s a winning issue for them/…. delusional..

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