Abortion, Rights & Democrats’ Sexism

As I sit here listening to Elijah Cummings yet again skirt his responsibilities on the House Oversight Committee and instead simply rail against his Republican colleagues — I’m inclined to push back on his primary assertion with a simple truth.

After chiding Republicans for his bellowing versions of “Nya nya” and “Boo hoo” (I’m paraphrasing, of course), Cummings goes on to note that abortion is a “Constitutional right.”

Let’s set aside the entire moral conversation, which is one that I believe shouldn’t take place in the legislature…but among our electorate culturally as part of a national conversation. (And for any pro-abortion advocates reading, I invite you to have that conversation with me any time starting with this simple question: Is abortion “cool?” If not, why not?)

Speaking purely legally, it appears Representative Cummings is either unable to remember, or unwilling to recognize — that “Life” is also a Constitutional right.

And as the hearing continues to stream in the background, I hear Democrat Representative Carolyn Maloney echo his “It’s a Constitutional right!” cry.

Yes, women are afforded a Constitutional right to abortion. But let’s review a few simple, additional facts…

First, a “Constitutional right to abortion” doesn’t mean they have a Constitutional right to use my fungible money to pay for their abortions.

Second and far more importantly — all US citizens also have a Constitutional right to life. And I argue that yes, that includes even the most vulnerable among us…namely, babies.

“Well a fetus isn’t a person!”

A fetus is absolutely a life. Let me make it very simple so even leftists can understand…

  • Egg = Potential Life
  • Sperm = Potential Life
  • Conception = Beginning of New Life

To deny this is to deny science, as that’s what conception is: The manifestation of new life.

This reality was codified again in US Law via the Unborn Victims Of Violence Act, which recognizes the unborn as legal victims should they be harmed or killed.

Or…would abortion advocates prefer that law be repealed so that any jealous husband of a cheating spouse can use his pregnant wife’s stomach as a punching bag, thereby killing the child inside of her, and face only domestic violence charges for murdering the life inside of her?

If Democrats weren’t able to segregate otherwise powerful individuals in to assigned, identity-based groups wherein they’re to assume perpetual victimization…the Democrat party would not exist. But surprisingly to very few, when Democrats do this they create far more grievance than they’ll ever mitigate. In the abortion discussion, they do this in part by insisting that women — unlike men — must be absolved the many, many, many choices they make before conception. Choices like, for example…

Have sex. Or don’t.

Use protection. Or don’t.

Wait until you’re married. Or don’t.

Choose responsibly. Or don’t.

Women have absolute choice with respect to their “reproductive rights,” and that pro-abortion advocates refuse to recognize the existence of these choices — insisting instead that all women be absolved accountability for them — can at best be described as sexist.

The Democrats love creating victims. They need to create victims. So true to their ends-justify-the-means, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” thinking…they’ll gladly create victims where none exist. In this case, they’ve done so by convincing many women (and men in scarves and fedoras who are also pro-abortion) that they need not be accountable for their many choices before conception, and that any who believe women should be accountable for their many choices — at least as accountable as men, who are legally obligated to financially provide for children they father — clearly hate all women.

Yet again, per the Democrats, the absence of identity-based perpetual pity and lowered bars indicates clear “HATE!” by any who refuse to share the left’s bigoted views.

Rest assured, if babies could vote or otherwise support the left’s agenda, the abortion conversation would be a long-since established and very simple one: Yes, women have a Constitutional right to abortion because women have a Constitutional right to life. And if a pregnancy threatens that woman’s life, then she and a medical team are legally permitted to save the mother’s life by ending the baby’s. But among that same rationale is the child’s right to life, which the left deny in 2015 primarily because a) they need women to believe they are being victimized even if it means creating a liberty-crushing, debilitating sense of imaginary victimization where none exists and b) they will do everything in their power to devalue family so that their power may grow.

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