Politico’s Hadas Gold Strikes Trash

While I believe our own amplified voices are conservatism’s greatest enemy (however inadvertently), Politico has earned special attention and scorn. It’s a foregone conclusion that most media will lean left, but Politico is considered above-the-fray and their leftists work pseudo-righteously to maintain that false impression — thus making them particularly deserving of sunlight.

Today’s tidbit comes to you by way of a Politico article titled…

carson staffer


And I don’t mean just “Whoa,” but…


…really, really Whoa!

I mean…it sounds juicy, right?

Was there huffing and puffing? Did anyone get stompy-feet? Did Carson rip his mic off? More! More! How quickly can you tell us more?!

Well unlike most of Politico’s readers — I kept reading so you wouldn’t have to, and here’s the gist of Gold’s trash piece…

“Blah, blah, blah. Islam. Blah. Blah blah. Muslim. Blah blah. African-American. Blah blah blah. … According to a source at CNN, the interview (pre-taped Friday) was slated for 15 minutes and Williams [the Carson staffer] ended the interview at 20 minutes.

So a 15 minute interview went a full 20 minutes instead, but because the interview was ended by one of the many people responsible for maintaining Carson’s wall-to-wall schedule — then damnit the world needs to know that Carson’s people “cut off” an interview!

The digital crapshack that is Politico, this time via Hadas Gold’s crack “reporting,” again lazily let their mask of impartiality slip — perhaps amid the realization that most political news consumers have already figured out the reality…

Politico is nothing more than Huffington Post or MSNBC for leftists who prefer the lofty pretension of nuance with their still rabid and endless liberal bias.

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