Why I Didn’t Write Today

I started this blog just under 3 weeks ago, and have since written 48 posts packed with entirely uncharted — and I’d argue substantive and thoughtful — ideas on advancing liberty far-and-wide through conservatism. (You can view a “Summary Index” page by clicking here.)

Doing this with nothing but my laptop, WordPress’ architecture and my own ideas/thoughts — obviously this will take a lot of work and I’m ready for that. Some days, however, are better than others.

Yesterday I had 11 visitors stop by.

Today, nearing 8PM EST, another 11 stopped by.

Granted, this is a weekend and it appears those days will be slower than others. That surprises me but I’m obviously learning as I go here.

What’s becoming increasingly clear and equally painful is that in order to get the word out I’m going to need the help of those amplified voices I so often rail against, but I’m not willing or able to water down reality in order to win their favor — nor am I willing or able to grovel before them with the hope that they’ll accept me in to their “cliques.”

That’s just not why I’m here or doing this.

So today, as I plug as many pieces as best as I can on Twitter and get zero response, engagement or consideration from those amplified voices…I find myself far more frustrated than I am inspired.

Thus, this is the only post going up today.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ll hopefully be refreshed and ready to continue putting in the hard work required to help us start winning the national conversation so we can mitigate the single greatest deficit our nation endures in 2015: The deficit of Liberty.

One of the dozens of tweets I sent today in an effort to give visibility and amplification to the uncharted, important ideas asserted throughout these pages. Jon Garthwaite is the General Manager for TownHall.com.

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