Rich Lowry — Meh

Rich is okay.

But he’s just okay.

Tonight I watched my Twitter feed explode with endless praise for his having “eviscerated Trump!” And I’m pulling the word “eviscerated” not quite out of thin air, as you’ll find it often at Huffington Post when they — as Lowry’s lovers were — imply a crushing victory where none existed.

Trump is no longer my preferred top contender. As noted more recently in this 16-day-old blog, I’m very glad he’s part of the conversation — but I view him more like an enforcer now and find myself listening more closely when Carson, Cruz and/or Fiorina speak. Granted if Trump gets the nod, I’ll be behind him 100%! But to be clear, I’m not a “Trump diehard” and that’s not what this post is about.

This is about Rich Lowry, and inefficacy in amplified conservative messaging.

Seeing Lowry catapulted in to conservative divinity among the chattering amplified voices who fail us so badly is more than a little bit grating.

Rich, I’d like you to name one single argument or position you’ve asserted that’s resulted in actual, actionable, lasting change.

Just one.

Not five.

Not three.

Just one.

Your biography at Wikipedia — which I’ll go out on a limb and guess you wrote yourself — suggests you frequently speak on the topic of American Exceptionalism.

Talk to me about American Exceptionalism, Rich.

Don’t tell me how exceptional we are.

Get a little nuts.

Get a little crazy.

Try something different.

Originate American Exceptionalism so as to offer up ideas and ingredients that can be asserted within our candidates’ arguments and ultimately replicated to allow for more of it.

So let’s concede that America is exceptional.

Tell me why, Rich.

Tell me what enabled that exceptionalism.

Here’s my take on the topic.

Or, if you prefer, tell me something else.


Tell me one single uncharted, organic idea you’ve asserted that our candidates or movement have been able to hang on to and use to effect real change in spreading liberty far and wide.

I tried to engage you a few times and I got a note back from your secretary asking on your behalf that I not email you anymore. That was a few years ago. I’ve appreciated some of what you’ve done in terms of preaching to the already-faithful choir since that time, but honestly, Rich…

…from my seat you’re pushing 50 years old and have spent your entire career pursuing a charter to craft and communicate compelling conservative messaging — and you’re yet to do anything close to meaningful in that regard as evidenced by our having lost the national dialogue…badly…throughout your entire career and still today.

I’ll await your reply, but I know better than to hold my breath. After all, you’re in the elitist, insiders-only clique where you and your fellow assmen are far more interested in elevating yourselves and each other than actually advancing conservatism in substantive and lasting ways beyond those who already agree with us.

And spare me your “Well maybe if you tried approaching me respectfully.”

First of all, I’m pretty pissed off tonight and not afraid to admit as much amid the courage of my convictions and the seriousness with which I take the incidental, inherent moral good of liberty.

But more importantly with regard to “approaching you respectfully”…I tried that already.

For years.

You replied exactly twice and not without plenty of groveling on my part, first.

So as will often happen absent amplification, yeah…today you find me yelling.

Can you hear me now, Rich?

Still, I maintain without reservation or qualification that it’s for a good cause: Liberty.

And it’s from a healthy place: Unwillingness to sit on the sidelines quietly while our amplified voices continue to serve us so poorly.

So from here, if you’d prefer, freely keep ignoring any and all outside of your cliques. After all, in a nation of 320,000,000 — there couldn’t possibly be untapped minds that might have something to offer. Or better still, respond with some entirely substance-averse, out-of-context snark relative to my blog having “Love” in the title and my approach here-and-now being one that clearly lacks it.

Or, if you really want to try something different…keep floating on cloud 9 amid the numerous reach-arounds afforded to you by your entirely gratuitous and ineffective “EVISCERATION!” of Trump — then ping me when you’re ready to come back to reality and maybe, just maybe, we can discuss a few things that might lead to winning the national conversation for a change…rather than just winning the occasional election with paper thin mandates that net us nothing more than unkept promises.

EDIT, 9/24/15 at 6:44PM EST: Please take a look at this follow-up which offers an explanation for the aggressive pace of this post.

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