Conservatism Is Getting Demolished

As noted throughout most of the posts in this 2 week and 2 day old blog, it’s not the Democrats or institutional left who beat us — but the intellectually lazy, insider-only professional conservative class (media and political) who are our worst enemy.

The Democrats have been playing chess while we’re playing dodgeball.

And we can’t even play that well.

And now they have us right where they want us, and we’re responding just as they hoped we would.

I already wrote a post begging and pleading making the case that we stop imposing morality.

I already wrote one begging and pleading making the case that we get our act together on the abortion conversation.

And I already wrote one begging and pleading making the case that we replace the inbred reach-around artists with people who can actually win the national conversation for a change.

I wrote a two-part post yesterday that if adopted would force the Democrats to repackage their entire platform.

I asked “a few” of our most amplified voices to read, RT, provide feedback, etc…













I tried also, as I always do, to share with some of the GOP candidates, their campaign teams and of course — Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, i.e. the fountains of eternal GOP messaging inefficacy…





The list goes on, and on, and on — to include follow up tweets reinforcing sincerity, respect and appreciation for any time they might afford ideas outside of their cliques.

Do you know how many responded?


They’ll all talk to each other like 14 year old girls about the most mundane things, but if you dare approach them from the grassroots with new ideas that might actually effect real and lasting change to help advance liberty far and wide — they’ll afford you nothing.

I’m going to be very candid here because I’m tired of being subservient to these people: There’s more substance and efficacy in my 159 character Twitter bio than the sum of virtually the entire professional conservative movement has asserted in 50 years.

And if any of these inbred, elitist insiders want to face off with me in an effort to determine who can effect the most change while staying consistent with our values — I’d welcome it. My writing may not be as polished as theirs but I’ve been ‘at it’ for just over 2 weeks and before that I spent my entire career in outside, b2b sales. Still I already have several dozen extremely thoughtful posts packed with entirely uncharted ideas and have eclipsed in 16 days what you elitist insiders have been able to muster your entire careers.

Am I offending you? Want to put me in my place? Well how about you try something novel: Instead of spending all day and night giving each other reach-arounds over who said what to Trump, take 30 minutes or so and read through my posts, starting with those linked early on in this one. And if you’re still convinced that your tired, demonstrably ineffective ideas are better…then just tell me where and when.

So tonight I hear Bill O’Reilly, and I just can’t take it any more.

He’s running footage on President Obama with Pope Francis, citing specifically a portion where Obama notes that “every human life deserves dignity.”

Bill’s response?

“Well what about babies?!”


Setting aside that Bill is addressing the same Obama who proudly declared “We’re not a Christian nation!”…do we honestly, truly, really want to play moral tit-for-tat with the left? Is that honestly what we want? We want to get in the ring with socialists in a fight for perceived morality?! Jeb and other establishment GOP members are already trying to sign us up for a race-to-entitle by granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. And now the rest of the chattering class afforded enormous platforms with which to assert potentially landscape-shifting ideas, are doing the exact same thing…

“Who can force morality more effectively? WE CAN!”

It’s maddening to sit here and watch “our side” not only play right in to the left’s hands, but do so while asserting the antithesis of what made America great.

Conservatism is getting absolutely demolished and the allegedly smartest but definitely most amplified voices we have only make it worse every time they open their mouths.

And for any who are asking the obvious, note the following from another piece I wrote called Erick Erickson & The Battle To Be Heard

One obvious conflict: If my ideas are so good, why haven’t the people embraced them in large numbers thereby elevating those ideas to more audible or visible heights? I’m fully ready to accept that I may be wrong about my ability to craft and communicate uniquely compelling messaging, and have braced myself several times for that conclusion.

But it also recently occurred to me that my ideas are less about enticing or compelling those who already agree with me, and more about challenging those who oppose or misunderstand us to reassess whether or not they truly know us. Beyond that, my ideas are simultaneously intended to sustain a united right, disarm the biased media and put the Democrats’ professional class on well-deserved, near-perpetual defense until they’re forced to repackage their entire platform. And time and time again I see that work when engaged at the grassroots level or even with professional Democrat strategists in social media who I assure you hope and pray ‘our side’ never starts listening to grassroots voices like mine, and others’ I’m sure.

So if I’m wrong, fine. But I obviously don’t think I am. I’m thinking several moves ahead without compromising our values and in fact elevating them beyond what today’s conservative politicians and amplified voices could ever hope to.

But they refuse to listen to anyone outside their cliques, because the exceedingly overwhelming majority are more interested in elevating themselves and each other than they are in actually making a difference.

And we’re getting destroyed as a result. We may win an election here or there, but as has been the case my entire life — we never win with enough of a mandate to afford us anything more than lofty promises that go unkept when the rubber hits the road. Why? Because we still lose the national conversation every single time.

The Democrats aren’t why. The institutional left isn’t why. Barring a very small handful who are actually willing, at least at times, to engage — the entitlement, apathy and inefficacy of our very own messengers in both politics and the media are why.

EDIT, 9/24/15 at 6:26PM EST: If you somehow managed to get through this entire post haha, please take a look at this follow-up which offers an explanation for what can best be described as “flailing” above.

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